QuickBooks Online 2016 Tutorial: Preparing 1099-Misc forms in QBO

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Creating 1099s in QuickBooks Online by Hector Garcia, CPA


Monica Temple says:

Hector, this is a great video. You were very thorough with your explanations as not everyone watching your videos have the same level of knowledge of both the software and the process. I have yet to visit your channel, but do you have any videos geared towards teaching interns with zero knowledge and experience?

kasey mahoney says:

This was a very informative video but my contractor isn't meeting the threshold. I've created a new check, and have him selected for 1099 however no changes I make will qualify him for meeting the threshold. Do I have to actually pay him through intuit? What if I paid him 10 months ago?

JoAnn Bross says:

great teaching.

Dave Bakker says:

Thanks, this was very helpful!

Jeff Ward says:

Can you explain the "generally speaking you don't have to give other companies a 1099" comment? I was under the impression that anyone you paid $600 or more to in rents or contract work needed to receive a 1099

Marlese Thompson says:

Hector always solves my problems! Thank you!

Floria Vu says:

What's the difference between the 5 part and 4 part 1099 forms? I have someone who is adamant about using 5 part 1099 forms vs the 4 part.

Lwe Hei says:

Very helpful ,thanks!

Marilin Alvins says:

excelente felicitaciones muy practico

Luis Barboza says:

Thanks Hector, very informative, great video.

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