QB Power Hour: Value Pricing QuickBooks Online Services

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Recorded on 07-14-2016. With Hector Garcia, CPA and Michelle Long, CPA. Mark Wickersham is our guest speaker and he shows us how to Effectively price our accounting services based on value using “a systems approach” using software: www.pricinginthecloud.com

Here is the agenda:

4:00 An inspiring story of one of Mark’s protégés
11:40 The 3 big pricing myths holding accountants back
20:18 The 3 big pricing MISTAKES most accounting professionals make
24:30 The 7-step formula for value pricing
31:20 Proof this works
36:20 Your 2-step value pricing system
42:20 How to build the value proposition
48:40 How you can join Mark’s session for 90-minutes in August
56:39 How to involve the client in the pricing process (a software approach)

To schedule a free mentoring webinar with Mark for the August group session email: support@wickersham.co.uk

Also this link will take you to marks free (for limited time) video-based training of using a systems approach for Value Pricing:

Mark’s FREE e-book, can be downloaded here:

If you don’t subscribe to QB Power Hour, go to: www.qbpowerhour.com and attend the webinar live


Hector Garcia CPA says:

If you don't subscribe to QB Power Hour, go to: http://www.qbpowerhour.com and attend our webinars live

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