Publishing Information? How do you do that?

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Yes. That’s a good question. How DO you do that?

I have been trying to write a “Bookkeeping and Accounting Tips” E-Book since 2003. I have some software and other resources on how to actually create an E-Book from a word processor and actually have a partial draft online – but .. then what? How do I publish it? How do I market it? How come it sucks so much?

I can honestly say that despite being online since 1995, I do NOT know how to publish E-Books. Mind you, I have read many E-Books and even purchased E-Books online. The reason would be to learn how the other people “did it” … How they “got my attention enough that I would even consider buying their E-Book”.

I still have many E-books on my computer, and have read them all and you know what it has brought me? Headaches. Too much information! Too many ways to do things! Although, I did deduct 100% of my E-Book purchases for Income Tax Purposes (I called it “Business Opportunities” on my T2124 Statement of Business Income) ..

Well, thank goodness there are knowledgeable people out there like Martin Neumann that can help even me, if I ever have a chance to sit down and finish it.

And Guess What?

Martin’s blog .. has just relaunched with New! and Improved! Version 2.0!

What is ePublishingDaily?

ePublishingDaily is all about information publishing. Specifically, it’s about helping you turn your non-fiction idea into a successful eProduct – writing it, designing it, packaging it and selling it!

Listen .. if you are in the market and need information about publishing E-Books .. Get in touch with Martin! He not only pretends to know everything there is about E-Publishing .. he really does know everything! 🙂

Plus – I can (almost) Guarantee! that he will work all night on your job! Well, okay .. it’s true that he’s from ‘Down Under’ in Melbourne Australia, and he will literally be working while you sleep – because – while it’s night time over here in America, it’s tomorrow during the day where he is!

So, why don’t you add the‘s RSS Feed to YOUR Bloglines or feed reader!

Anyway .. I see Martin all the time around the www and just wanted to Link Leak out to him. Besides .. for every person I send over to him to sign up for his FREE newsletter, I get a piece of the action!

haha .. Just kidding 🙂 If you sign up for the newsletter, you will get a weekly short in your email.


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