Public Accounting – Work Life Balance?

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Super Senior comes home after a long day of auditing. **In case my wife watches this – – This is a satirical exageration and not based on real events**


Jeff Sartain says:

Nail on the head.

hassan mujtaba says:

True form of slavery at big4

tpis469 says:

Beoch needs to get on her knees and relieve his stress.

jacejai says:

Love the comment re ur wife reading this. Don’t worry we were all juniors

lyanaramli says:

demn diz women, she gave the food to the doc yet the husband had to do
dishes! kah kah kah

bcliz says:

maybe it’s not based on YOUR real events…

Dakid015 says:

man that dude should just divorce that stiff, boring wife of
his…BIOTCH!!!!…your husband had a long day in the field… the least u
could do is put on some lingerie and take him str8 to the bedroom… glad i
left the wacky world of public accounting…since then me and my gf’s
relationship has gotten 10x better

tpis469 says:

Bitch! What do the five fingers say to the face?! SLAP!!!

drannor68 says:

Dude where’s the inventory fail video? That’s your best one!

Greg Lue says:

Hilarious…one minor thing though. Dancing with the Stars and Grey’s
Anatomy are both on ABC on different days, so they couldn’t conflict on the

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

Maintaining a balance between work and family can be difficult at times,
especially around tax season.

Bill Anderson says:

nice video! too good to be true!

Tessa Tapia says:

wow that TiVo shit is jacked.

Vedant Pandey says:

Rule the tube 2010 – CAuse you CA Paste and watch this video, you will want
to become an accountant

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