Public Accounting – Lazy Managers

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Tax Man says:

It’s true except the manager is a machine that never stops working and if
you say No, then you’ll get every shit job that can’t possibly be completed
on budget even if you channeled the spirits of all the dead partners your
firm is named after. And then you either look bad because everything you
do is over budget or you look bad because you don’t have enough billable
hours. Welcome to Public Accounting.

Tom Dwan says:

this videos are ‘slightly’ exhaggerated, but otherwise completely true…
seriously do not do public accounting, if you must do accounting go
commercial or ditch accounting all together

parkesc21 says:

Went corporate and didn’t look back

Kerry ODaniell says:

I am pursuing a degree in accounting, find these videos hilarious. Some of
these comments are scary, to think this really happens. lol

yahya80 says:


CubeJockeysChannel says:

Sadly, I am currently living this. I love this video since I have worked
with this type of “manager.”

Gieneous says:

reminds me of my old firm…. this is Hilarious after all but sucks when
we’re experiencing it.

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

Scheduling can be a concern in accounting firms, especially during tax

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