Public Accounting – Last day as an auditor

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Public Accounting is the best thing that ever happened to me……..


DRockOMG says:

The only thing I’m curious about is… she got a big year end bonus??

Susse M says:

She’s just overreacting. 

danjalderturke says:

this makes no reference that everyone in public accounting seems to be on
some sort of drug

Tessa Tapia says:

wow, what an asssshooole. (think about the baby from Meet the Fockers when
you read that)

idonotknowit says:

no, it’s better. the only problem with managerial accounting is that it is
a dying industry and offers very few jobs

venticafeaulait says:

Don’t worry; you can do this for a couple of years and leave the firm for
an industry job 🙂

Mike Morg says:

As a future accounting student, it seems like accounting prepared you for
hard-work that ultimately had you ready to start a business. Im confused
about your warnings.

336025abC says:

That was funny and oddly accurate in 90% of it all… how did this person
know all the ins and outs of public accounting?? I are robot… i do
bidding with no thought or care… I are robot…

catsareahwesome says:

is accounting really that bad???

ironwill100 says:

What do you consider a good area to go into for accountant that still pays
decent and has better hours? I am working on my bachelors and hearing this
stuff makes me worry..

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

This is something that many accounting and law students may not grasp. The
hours are long. The workload is heavy, and it takes time to build a client

msgolds89 says:

So glad I work in government audit instead of public.

AnubisEye009 says:

Good thing I wanted to start my own business as well, lol. I’m just
starting out. :p

kinglance82 says:

Yea, sadly this is public accounting, someone should warn college students
in accounting that this is their future.

SkunkFearless says:

kpmg aint that bad, in my experience

superthiru says:

Having worked in a Big 4 firm for nearly 3 years, I will admit that, at the
time I was leaving, I suffered the same fate…i was made to do an audit,
which normally takes 4-5 weeks, in 2 weeks since the partner knew that I
would HAVE to complete it if I were to get my character cert. However,
having got into the mercantile sector, I can say that those 3 years really
moulded me as a person, not only in accounting itself, but in many other
respects, such as dealing with ppl and bosses. w00t pwc 🙂

lockex21 says:

For some reason I miss this though. Am I crazy?

parkesc21 says:

I’ve been an accountant for 5 years and a CPA for almost 3 years – and I
have not worked 1 day in an accounting firm. Corporate finance/accounting
is what more acct majors should consider, rarely are the overtime hours for
month-end or year-end close as crazy as Big 4 or other large regional firms.

nanachub100 says:

800 dollar bonus!

Keith Johnson says:

All the senior is doing is checking out her boobs.

vanadium3 says:

lolol troll

jasonloseefu says:

I am assuming you are good with numbers. Try to be a casino dealer or be an

Art Vandalay says:


TheSMW84 says:

I’m about to graduate with an accounting degree. Stuff like this is all I
hear about it. I dunno what to do for a job, but I don’t want to do this
crap the rest of my miserable life.

Rio MMA brazil says:

join a startup, wayy lighter load, at least you get to sleep

ercsan s says:

I have been in private accounting for 10 years and never had the
“opportunity” to work for a Big4. However, I have to admit based on what I
heard from colleagues, this situation is pretty accurate. The downside is
that unless you have tons of working experience, most private industry
companies who hire manager and up from the outside usually prefers people
with a “Big 4” background. Unfair, as it seems, that seems to be the trend.
You have to decide what is important in life (continued)

crfish20 says:

ugh so true. congrats on getting out like I did!

Pazkizzle says:

big 4 doesn’t seem so bad

crazyronishere says:

Feel like I wasted 4 years of my life in college getting a bachelor’s in
accounting. I spent 1 month in a major CPA firm and started wondering to
myself if it was really worth it. Basically it was work till 9pm, go home
and sleep, then get up the next day and do it all again…and this was 6
and sometimes 7 days a week. So I quit and started my own business which is
doing well and I have a life now. There really needs to be a warning to
students who want to major in accounting.

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