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I’ve added a few other .pps’s to my Powerpoint entry .. HERE

In case you are lazy and just want to see it from this post (although there are a lot of neat powerpoint slideshows on the above post) .. here it is …

Added March 5, 2007

Old Photographic Archives of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada


Some DOG Inspirational Powerpoints (with music background)



UPDATE: MARCH 27, 2010

For those who asked what the music is in the “aboutdog.pps” slideshow .. JASON has emailed me with the following information:

I can confirm that it is “Nocturne”, composed by Secret Garden in 1995.


The version in the “aboutdogs.pps” is possibly another artist, as it is not the same recording I have found by Secret Garden, but the song is unmistakably the same one.

Thanks Jason! I have blip’ed this – in case you are having problems opening them up in your browser and wish to hear this song on BLIP.FM

(PS feel free to follow my HARToscope DJ and playlist!)


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