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This has got to be the best invention since sliced bread .. Post-It “SUPER STICKY” Notes. If you are using only the regular Post-It Notes, or some other branded “sticky-notes” or “self-adhesive removable notes” or like that … you should consider switching to these stickums.

I use all types of sticky notes everyday in my business .. the 2″x2″, the 1″x1″, the 3″x3″ and so on and so on. I use them on working papers, I use them to mark pages, I use them to mark the location to sign documents, and up to recently was using them everywhere else.

Now – I only use SUPER STICKY notes. This is the one product that will always stick to my wall .. or to the side of my computer … or to the stuff pegged onto my pegboard in front of my computer, that won’t decay and lose it’s stickyness and fall down behind my desk into neverneverland. Not to mention, that if my cat is around and sees this calamity of ‘stuff cluttering up his nice clean-watched floor’ .. he will utterly destroy that piece of stick-um. This is NOT a good thing, if it was a the temporary cell phone number of a client that you were planning on updating your phone database on.

My preference is the 4″ x 4″ Post-In Super Sticky Notes, with lines… but they all work with the same “super sticky”ness as the rest.

Do you use a lot of post-it notes for your business? You should give these a try.

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