Police officer scams an IRS scammer with return phone call

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The police officer received an urgent phone call from the IRS saying that he was going to be arrested unless he called back. So he did.


Gleep Glorp says:

Dave Maxwell… Johnson

jake the plug says:

this happend to me and they took 500$ from me and life is getting hard

Christian Castillo says:

This is in Wisconsin lol
Cops out here sneaky as fuck
Don't surprise me 😂😂😂

canter nicolai says:

He said me 6000$ so I need to put on gift card

canter nicolai says:

This is flicking guy same called me …

ToniHunterOne says:

Thank you Det. Don Henning and the other cute officer of the Eau Claire County Sheriff's office. I wish many others would do the same to really get the word out. Most of us are wise but if you get hit with this on an already bad or confusing day, you might panic and fall prey to such idiot predators. Great job, guys.

Paul Binder says:

Coalition educator mention missing thumb interpret shooting guest attention.

Nick Doe says:

Haha. I never realized how many IRS people had Pakistani accents

Tabinda Chowdhury Tanu says:

typical indians calling and scamming ……… happens all the time and so much in UAE…..they say they are calling from Etisalat and won million dirhams and then ask you to pay an amout to claim that money… and its sick when they start abusing after you shame them scamming. and its funny when they say they are pakistanis. you can just figure out they are stupid indians from the accent

Ugohigh says:


Ktm Duke says:

Heres a scammer number i got +923074550037.

Yvette McFarland says:

I received the same call in March saying I owed the IRS 15,000 and I had a warrant. I knew it was a scam because I don't owe the IRS😠😡😠

Daisy Rodriguez says:

I got this exact call two weeks ago. Because of my job I'm trained to recognize scams right away. So I called back had my fun and ended it with "nice try on this scam by the way" and the guy flipped his shit and started to get nasty and defensive. What I don't get is why is it always an Indian person? And how do they never get caught and arrested?

Robert S Evans says:

Yeah these are the pathetic assholes we allow into our country

Periwinkle Dee says:

I admit to watching and enjoying quite a few of these videos and I've noticed a common trait all these scammers share: they all have an extremely defensive demeanor. That takes real balls, calling and saying they need to be called back because there is a warrant out for the person's arrest and then acting like a superior prick. Sheesh

law35penn says:

These ppl should be tracked down and get their fking asses ream by some spiked baseball bats. How the do the government let she like this happened to innocent ppl

Cesar Mananes says:

Geez! The accent is SO THICK! I couldn't understand a half of the things the Indian is saying.

Envious Troll says:

Eh, This dude smart, kek. He's a Wisconsin Police officer, lezz goo.

Sugar says:

i dont get how scammers use American names and some ppl still get scammed i would expect :Ahh yes hello my name is punjeet i will be yo scamah fo today

Mills & Milie says:


scheis123 says:

Great video. I got one of these "IRS" messages, too. Just ignored it, because I'd already heard that there were scammers doing this.

Passing CS says:

I wish there is a way to arrest these people for harassment

Anna Henkins says:

Loved it, especially when you have him stuttering explanations. Keep up all that you do. I love that we have peace officers. I can't imagine a world without you. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Claudia T says:

Got the same call i hit click button lol

juan rodriguez says:

i asked what terrorist org.he works for

goutvols103 says:

As a follow up, what did the police do with the evidence from the phone call?

Johnny 5 says:

I just love India IRS!!!

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