Plexus tax and bookkeeping tips

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Josiah Detwiler shares bookkeeping tips that will help you run your plexus business more efficiently and save money on your taxes!


Josiah Detwiler says:

Standard business expense categories:

Advertising & Promotion

Bank service charges

Computer – Hardware

Computer – Hosting

Computer – Internet

Computer – Software

Depreciation Expense

Insurance – Vehicles

Interest Expense

Loss on Foreign Exchange

Loss on Foreign Exchange

Meals and Entertainment

Merchant account fees

Office supplies

Payroll employer taxes & deductions

Payroll Gross Pay

Payroll – Employee Benefits

Payroll – Employer's share of benefits

Payroll – Salary & wages


Professional fees

Telephone – Land Line

Telephone – Wireless

Travel Expense

Uncategorized Expense

Vehicle – Fuel

Vehicle – Repairs & Maintenance

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