Pictures of our new TV

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My how time flies .. when you aren’t watching TV! I mean, except for Stargate SG-1 on Thursday nights and 1 movie the day after this was assembled .. that’s all I’ve watched on our new TV.

Click the specs in the link above, if interested .. but I took pictures after assembled, and I now must make room in my camera for more pictures. I figured .. rather than delete the pictures, I may as well blog about it! 🙂 It’s a SONY BRAVIA – KLV-40S200A and I’m not ashamed to admit (weeks later) that we actually bought this at the Brick!

It’s not as big as our old 46″ projection screen TV .. and because it’s a widescreen TV we tend to watch TV in ‘normal wide’ mode, which makes it smaller than it really is.. but .. it’s a great picture!

By the way .. I think this will become more popular in the future – Flat Screen TV’s installed on stands like ours, where it’s .. “LIKE A WALL MOUNT” but, it’s only mounted on the TV Stand. What do you think?


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