Personal Financial Planning Tips : How to Create a Financial Plan

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When creating a financial plan, the first thing to consider is setting up a budget to better understand how much money can be saved. Learn why a budget is crucial for setting up a financial plan with tips from a financial planner in free personal-finance video. Expert: Julie Asti, CFP Bio: Julie Asti works as a financial planner for Asti Financial. Filmmaker: Bing Hu


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financialplannerwa says:

Helpful tips in financial planning. Thanks.

dermorrow says:

Yes, establishing a budget plays a vital role when you seriously consider buying a home.  My mortgage planner Michael Aning of Turnkey Mortgage Solutions did a good job tracking my dollars spent. They reviewed my last two months bank statements, and found my ‘phantom money’. It was all the more easy to take it from there. Working out a budget always helps!

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dollarability says:

Oh c’mon, dont be mean. Shes sweet. I love the papers and the precisely positioned business cards on a spike!

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nicoyanicoya says:

let me put papers and fancy paper weights so it loks like im busy, really looks like you are an unorganized mess. im a better cpe, cfp and mba. My JD is coming up and you dont have one.

abridgewater101 says:

God Good lots of ideas you are sharing!!! thanks for posting the video 🙂 please watch my videos and also learn something 🙂

DJPashn says:

Hi Julie,

I am a financial advisor in Australia. Do you know of any competent software programs for doing financial modelling?

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