PERAB: Exports and Job Creation

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

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President Obama hosts a public meeting of the Presidents Economic Recovery Advisory Board.



maczadic says:

@cymonebreathe well i love women in politics. i wanted hillary clinton as our president

maczadic says:

if we don’t get our shit together we are gonna go downhill FAST!!! DON’T VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS!!!

Super13k says:


JacksPliskin says:

@Super13k Your caps lock key is broken.

madebutante says:

@maczadic don’t vote for republicrats. period. anyway, now that corporations have legal personhood, they can contribute huge amounts to buy elections. add Diebold (see Stephen Spoonamore vids) voting for national elections is worthless until the republicrats lose their monopoly on the presidential debates. vote to amend dot orrrg opendates dottt orrrg

tim23z says:

Obama’s a bright guy. These issues are fairly complex but it seems America’s CEO is busy getting the job done.

srce87 says:

Comprehensive immigration reform must include a path to permanent residence for those of us who came here legally, invested our own money in education and received Masters and/or Phd, particularly in technology and science.
In this information age, one way America will stay competitive is to keep this talent from spilling back to their home countries or elsewhere. If these people want to stay and contribute to the further success of America, grant them residence and citizenship right away.

terminator007007 says:

This is so rediculous…politicians who’ve never worked in the private sector trying to decide how to run businesses in America. What a joke.

I just got back from Malaysia, Japan and China. We’re getting our butt kicked because we don’t have anything to manufacture. With the exception of Ford, our cars suck. Drilling for oil is out, lumber and furniture nope, rubber nope, computers are made in China/india, coal is taxed beyond belief.
Wake up people–U cant export reruns of American Idol!

JacksPliskin says:

@terminator007007 Japan has the second highest gdp in the world and that country is a fraction of the size of the U.S.

It is pretty disgraceful status.

NoMoreBickering says:

This was all very interesting and helpful to our economic growth in the long term. I especially agreed with the women toward the end making her case for JOBS NOW.

maczadic says:

@JacksPliskin dude is that a serious statement? Yeah Japan is small compared to the United States, however there population is roughly half that of ours! There GDP is much less than half our GDP so what is your problem? There GDP PER CAPITA is lower than the United States. So your comment is kinda silly, maybe even selfish

realpipster says:

Now without being partisan, lets just be honest. Can anyone here envision George Bush facilitating a meeting such as this and actually demonstrating a nimble understanding of these very complex issues? I can’t. And oh by the way, where are all those Obama haters who are always talking about his use of Prompters…didn’t see any here. (LOL) Sad, but at some point the haters will hopefully recognize what everybody else does…this guy is GOOD!

inappropriategiggle says:


inappropriategiggle says:

Learning is “doing”… and we never stop learning. There’s a time and place for action, and Biden clearly does a great job, or Obama wouldn’t have chosen him in the first place.

azezel2311 says:

What about a high technology program based on a thorium transition. There are activists on here that gave speeches on something called a LFTR. If LFTR is workable I would like to see that as the backbone of our energy grid providing 40% of the nation’s energy requirement. With power switches to desalination, irrigation, and making industrial fuel such as oxygen and hydrogen fuels. I would like to see modular LFTRs for ocean shipping and to lease to developing nations to support other platforms.

azezel2311 says:

so it was a mistake to spend my stimulus? I was told by bush and secretary clintion and maybe you to spend in order to keep the economy good. The savings rate depends in the fractional reserve ratio leverage. 10% should be the average but why would some one save if they are losing value on their savings year after year?

azezel2311 says:

I would like an advanced degree but I can’t get the training for it because of the h1 program. No one trains domestically because they can just grab talent from elsewhere.

azezel2311 says:

American cars should focus on longer and deeper charging cycles for their batteries because this would allow people to plug their car in their garage and charge it overnight. Our homes have higher energy usage on average so during the night or during the work day there is a reserve of space that could be used. You will however need increased production of energy to electrify transportation. To do it carbon free is going to be hard with uranium. Easier with thorium if we ever bothered to…

azezel2311 says:

And not one of the scientists in the gov labs will become wealthy from their contributions. That is a draw back of public science and there is an incentive to experiment rather than solve problems.

azezel2311 says:

lady at minute 52 thankyou. You highlighted many of my concerns and things that i am worried about. However, it is not just people of color that are an issue. There isn’t enough being done for young people to find productive employment on average.

azezel2311 says:

Right now I am stuck in a meat packing plant. I am from a lowerclass family. If I dyed my skin I think I would get more help in this nation. Another thing that would help is make passage into and through training programs based on earned merits rather than prerecs.

bnjones28 says:

The od work we did at the top.

Hey Barry, what good work? Expanding Gov

00012581 says:

Canadians do not benefit from NAFTA

BRBA19471991 says:

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QuestionMarkPeriod says:

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