During the ACAMS Las Vegas Conference, the ACAMS TV crew spoke with Don Fort, Chief of Criminal Investigation at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS is a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury and one of the world’s most efficient tax administrators.
Estate Planning 101: how your estate planning needs and objectives change as you go through life. For prospective law firm clients who want to schedule a free 15 minute initial phone call with Paul Rabalais, go to: https://go.oncehub.com/Paul8 The following is a breakdown of three different phases people go through as they get and keep their estate legal affairs in order. Phase I is for those parents in their 30’s and 40’s who have minor children. These parents are still in the accumulation phase, but there are important estate planning issues. Typically, parents in Phase I worry about who will [More]
Tax Implications of a Revocable Living Trust When people think about avoiding taxes they often think of using trusts as shelters. Unfortunately, those assumptions about trusts as tax shelters are wrong. Today I wanted to clear the air and lay out precisely the tax implications of a revocable living trust. It’s probably best to just start at the beginning and talk a little bit about what a revocable living trust is and what it does. The way I usually describe trusts to people is to imagine you’ve got a box. You own this box. You can put stuff in the [More]
#taxday #standup #accounting Accountants are an interesting breed. They possess the math skills I don’t – I struggled mightily in Geometry, Algrebra/Trig and Pre-Calculus in high school. And because of their analytical minds, they tend to be perceived as boring and dry. For more on me: https://www.robertalynch.com/ https://www.instagram.com/robertalynch/ I spent two years traveling across the United States teaching communication skills to business professionals. One of my company’s clients was a major accounting firm. Two of my best friends are accountants. They both have a very interesting sense of humor. One in particular loves bad jokes and puns. Combine all of [More]
In this QuickBooks Online tutorial you’ll learn how to record a customer invoice along with: – Understand what information I should record on an invoice – Send an invoice and see what my customer will receive and view – See where and how invoices impact reports Watch more Quickbooks Online step-by-step tutorials to learn all the QuickBooks tips and tricks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… #QuickBooksOnline #HowTo #Invoices Start for free at QuickBooks.com. https://goo.gl/ctQRCV Subscribe for more QuickBooks! https://goo.gl/jY1fyz Run your whole business better with QuickBooks. Be sure to subscribe to our QuickBooks United States YouTube Channel and if you have any questions, feel [More]
Welcome to the first video in my QuickBooks online tutorial/course. This course teaches the basics of QuickBooks online. This video teaches how to enter your company information and get started with QuickBooks online. Next video: https://youtu.be/q7R5ZcIQDGU Create a bookkeeping spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel http://youtu.be/LlWADbkGdac Support this Channel https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FHGCUQ8GU9VB6 30 Free Day Trial on KashFlow Accounting Software http://www.kashflow.com/?code=AFF2105084 Free Bookkeeping and Accounting Course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhYJbCAcCKE&feature=c4-overview&list=UUgPrg8qyvKaiED9tvdAIfpQ Facebook: @thebookkeepingmaster Twitter: @BookkeepMaster Learn more at www.freebookkeepingaccounting.com
Download slides: http://bit.ly/outsourcedbookkeeping Read my article on this topic: http://www.quickbooks-training.net/what-is-an-outsourced-bookkeeping-service/ What is OUTSOURCED BOOKKEEPING SERVICES ? Call our office 954-414-1524 to setup a private training/consultation about QuickBooks, Excel, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Taxes, and/or General Business Consulting (rates vary fro $250 to $525) for first consultation depending on length and consultant required. E-mail Hector your questions hector@garciacpa.com To setup a 30-day free trial of QuickBooks Online and then a 50% http://www.quickbooksoffer.com/?cid=irp-4337#pricing Slide Art Credits: Presentation template by http://www.slidescarnival.com/ Photographs by http://unsplash.com/
Introduction to Accounting. What is accounting? Accounting is a useful way of recording and summarizing financial information. Businesses use accounting to keep their financial information organized which helps them in making sense of their financial data and also keeps them compliant of financial regulations. Accounting consists of 2 parts. Bookkeeping and Analysis. Bookkeeping, which is also known as financial accounting, is the process of recording and summarizing financial information. Bookkeeping involves the recording of transactions such as sales, purchases and expenses which are then summarized and presented in the form of financial statements which show the overall health of the [More]
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Learn more about the benefits of Monarch Tax Law Trusts! Monarch Tax Law is a Calgary-based Canadian law firm. Visit www.monarchtaxlaw.com for more information. DISCLAIMER: This video was created by staff in a law firm, not the lawyer himself – it should not be taken for professional legal advice. The video was also made shortly before substantial changes to the Canadian Income Tax Act and has not been updated. Some information may now be inaccurate or out of date.
Planning for the future isn’t something human beings are keen on doing. Especially when it involves their finances. Most of the common excuses we hear are that it’s tiresome, or that they don’t know where to start! Here’s where I come in! In today’s video, I am joined by a highly-esteemed financial coach, Kelly Cole, and she’s here to teach us three simple tips on how to plan for the future! 00:50 Kelly Cole 01:10 A reality check 03:45 Importance of doing your reality check with a financial coach 04:06 Know where you wanna go 06:17 How to coordinate to [More]
In today’s bonus episode, I have one of my awesome friends with me to explain to you what the seven components to financial planning are. It’s not just about saving, but it’s also about putting your money to good use and getting the benefits from it. Watch on to learn more! 00:33 The Ambassador of Results 01:33 1 – Retirement planning 02:20 2 – Flexible models 02:47 3 – Education 04:45 4 – Protection 07:03 5 – Estate planning 08:16 6 – Residual income and cash flow 10:00 7 – Tax planning Best Way to Save Protect Your Money for [More]
Welcome to Nomad Capitalist When you decide to move your business overseas, it would be a good idea to hire a tax preparer with international and offshore experience, since domestic tax preparers may not be so skilled and are possible to make mistakes which will cost you money because of their insufficient knowledge of the offshore affairs. In this video, Andrew talks about the case of a person he used to help, why his domestic tax preparer cost him a lot of money and how you can avoid it. ——- ABOUT NOMAD CAPITALIST Andrew Henderson is the world’s most sought-after [More]
Jackie Meyer, CPA, CTC of Meyer Tax Consulting LLC, explains Projects – also referred to as “job costing” – in QuickBooks Online. Go here for more information: https://intuit.me/2JoYqb7
Check out part 1 of this series here: https://youtu.be/cLgUwqW7Lr4 And Part 3 is here: https://youtu.be/RUwr2WI2BBg Check out my video on what I would do differently if I were starting a bookkeeping business today: https://youtu.be/kTQOLpB5SZs AJ Stockwell is a licensed CPA and the owner of Learn Bookkeeping Today LLC and Climb CFO LLC. He is a small business accounting and finance expert with a passion for sharing high-quality informative content for: -Bookkeepers and aspiring bookkeepers or college students who are considering a career in accounting or starting their own bookkeeping business. -Business owners who want to better understand their numbers or [More]
Learn how to start an online business at https://grumo.com/teach This lecture belongs to a very comprehensive course titled “How To Launch A Profitable Lifestyle Online Business” created by Miguel Hernandez, Founder of Grumo Media and top Udemy instructor. My goal in this course is to provide you with a solid understanding of how to start your own online business by sharing all the tricks, tools, and advice I’ve collected over the years. If you are already running an online business I think you will love to have an insight into the systems I’ve developed, get some ideas, and apply them [More]
Describes the many jobs which bookkeepers and accountants perform, the tools and education each must have and the types of advancement possible. To help with the A/V Geeks mission to share these forgotten films unearthed in their archive, this film and hundreds of others can be purchased on DVD (http://www.avgeeks.com/wp2/all-av-geeks-dvds/). Higher quality versions of this film can also be licensed for stock footage. Contact footage@avgeeks.com for more information.
View business due dates with the IRS tax calendar. To start using it, go to IRS.gov/taxcalendar.
Institute of Politics Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman discussed ways in which the tax code can be simplified. He noted that the IRS is the only federal agency that interacts with taxpayers every year. He stated that simplifications in the tax code can improve fairness and efficiency. Collection Summary: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum is one of the world’s premier arenas for political speech, discussion and debate Date: November 14, 2011
If this is your first time filing a tax return, learn about important reminders and a free tool to make it easy. Just go to https://www.irs.gov #adulting
So what’s estate planning? Here’s a hint: It’s not just for the wealthy. Our estate planning 101 breaks down the basics in 5 steps, so you can ensure your wishes for yourself, your loved ones and your most prized belongings are carried out on your terms in the event of your illness or death. Visit Northwestern Mutual: https://www.northwesternmutual.com/
Putting an estate plan in place can be very confusing for many people. Financial expert Joe Anderson and Estate Planning Attorney Nicole Newman discuss the difference between wills and trusts. Broadcast Date: July 16, 2017 If you would like to schedule a free assessment with one of our CFP® professionals, click here: https://purefinancial.com/lp/free-assessment/ Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips and stay tuned for the next episode of “Your Money, Your Wealth.” https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=PureFinancialCFP Channels & show times: http://yourmoneyyourwealth.com https://purefinancial.com IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES: • Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services are offered through Pure Financial Advisors, Inc. A [More]
InvestSMART Chairman Paul Clitheroe discusses with nabtrade’s Director, SMSF & Investor Behaviour Gemma Dale, the steps investors can take to set themselves up for financial success. Paul provides a step-by-step approach on how to create your own financial plan. Creating a financial plan helps you put in writing the grand vision of how much money you need to live your life the way you want, and identify what you need to do in order to get there. When you have a financial plan, it is easier to make decisions about your wealth, make changes and stay on track to meet [More]
A healthy financial future isn’t about how much money you make – it’s about how you manage and plan. Learn about financial planning and money management techniques to help get your finances in order, no matter your income, in this Better Money Habits video. To learn more about saving and budgeting, please visit: https://bettermoneyhabits.bankofamerica.com/en/saving-budgeting
Preparing T2 Returns – Schedule 100- The GIFI balance sheet on T2 Corporation Return CURRENT PROMOTION AVAILABLE – 50% OFF – ONLY $199 – Just click on this link or copy and paste it into your browser https://canadian-tax-academy.teachable.com/p/introduction-to-corporate-tax-preparing-t2-tax-returns/?product_id=168190&coupon_code=YOUTUBE_PROMO A FULL STUDENT VERSION OF INTUIT PROFILE PROFESSIONAL TAX SOFTWARE IS AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS WHO REGISTER FOR THIS TAX COURSE AT CANADIAN TAX ACADEMY Visit is for more information at CanadianTaxCourses.com Our student access portal is located at CanadianTaxAcademy.com The Canadian Tax Academy corporate tax introduction course was developed with the tax newbie in mind. The focus is on preparing Canadian T2 [More]
See Keith Cunningham at Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery event in 2019: http://businessmasterynl.com/
Sandria Goodall, Owner of All-Good-Accounting discusses her top 10 Bookkeeping tips on how to effectively manage your day to day accounting.
Restaurant Bookkeeping Tips and Best Practices Running a restaurant can be an incredibly rewarding job, but it’s also a challenge. One of the more difficult parts, and a key factor in any restaurant’s success or failure, is how well you manage your restaurant’s finances. Restaurant bookkeeping comes with special challenges. Expenses can fluctuate wildly, and your profit margin is often very thin. Here are a few tips for keeping your restaurant’s books running as smoothly as your kitchen. BOOKS IN BALANCE 1299 Fourth Street, Suite 200, San Rafael, CA 94901 1388 Sutter Street, Suite 505, San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) [More]