Os Seminovos – Ao mestre, com Carinho

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Today I received a FWD’ed email with a video file called “Drawing”. I was surprised it was so popular on YouTube and I never seen it before. I think it qualifies for my “Amusing Stuff” category! Although, I think I would add a disclaimer .. For Mature Audiences Only!

About This Video:

This Video is from Seminovos … I only uploaded it because his version is gone. I don’t know why. Fact is this video has to be online because it is very cool! Check out his Channel too! http://www.youtube.com/user/Seminovos

PS: The translation from Portuguese to English at Babelfish is… “The News – To the master, with

Drawing (Os Seminovos – Ao mestre, com Carinho)

How to Draw Homer Simpson


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