Ok – Who Said They Wouldn’t Do Something Until HELL FROZE OVER? Well, It Did Here In Winnipeg

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I woke up this morning

CURRENT TEMPERATURE: -37.5c (before Wind Chill)

Well, it’s warmed up a bit, since I’ve been up .. and now 2 coffees and a breakfast later (it’s 10am here in CST) it’s now only -31.0c.

To convert Celcius to Fahrenheit .. Here’s How To Do It
(with a calculator and with negative numbers)

Take Celcius times 9
>> e.g. (-31*9=-279)

Divide by 5
>> e.g. (-279/5=-55.8)

Add 32
>> e.g. (-55.8+32= -23.8 Fahrenheit)

We have another relative birthday party tonight to go to, with lots of highway driving out to the rural country and no plug-ins for the car. Good thing I have a Vector VEC1088A Smart Battery Charger (2/6/12 Amp) in my trunk!

Here are some lousy pictures I took .. I need a new camera!

p2030020.JPG p2030019.JPG


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