OFFICIAL TRAILER 2 – CROSSHAIRS: The Internal Revenue Scandal – #N3

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A new film from producer Gary S. Franchi Jr. and writer William N. Grigg | For taxpayers everywhere, terror is spelled I-R-S — but the Internal Revenue Serv…


Mark Campbell says:

the difference between discharge and charge off a debt.
Pull up a 1099-c form from u know who.
I received one, after using Accepted for Value.
It took three years, but the kicker part is that discharge of debt must be reported to the IRS on the 1040 as other income. So if that is true, then money was paid to the bank on my behalf. And get this, from the US treasury.
It’s worth a look.

WeAreChangeFresno76 says:

We Love Gary Franchi!!!

Judy InWash says:

Son, you KNOW what you’re talking about! And, there is NO LAW that says you have to pay taxes, but they just came after me for filing in 2009.  I hadn’t signed that 1040 since. Check out UCC 1-207R & 1-308. IRS codes, (which are not law).

Rob Abreu says:

How The Iluminati are Brainwashing you! UFC, Spike TV, Desperate Housewi…:

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The Vigilant in Christian Mario
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Kimarie Teter says:


chevy59tom says:

Militia meeting Saturday night, lock and load

chevy59tom says:

Like my Dad said, “it’s time to round up the cattle(IRS) and send ’em to the barn and shut ‘Er down”

valley818west says:

Theme of the film is awesome but after watching this preview, it left me an impression that it was put together in a hurry… In order for it to spark the interest in many people to watch the film, I think it needs more commercial approach of editing, background music and narration like what mainstream media does. It sounds cliche but that’s what most people (sheep) fall for and that is the targeted demographic for the film. Right?

Joshua Roberts says:

@lonelantern looks great Gdog

Joshua Roberts says:

INFOWARS nightly news bumper music for the win

Xenocracker says:

Still too many ignorant sheep who couldn’t form an original thought to save their lives.

TraceOfConsciousness says:

music & voice need more aggressiveness

Margarita says:

First Security bank thought they were going to get away with crgnaihg me to have a savings account with them until i got the memo in the mail. I promptly removed my $26k that day and put it with Bank of America.Bank of America refused to give me a simple overdraft protection for my checking accounts I have had since before most of the tellers had even been working in their lives so, you guessed it, i removed over $147k in cash from the bank. You need to call one week in advance to secure this service thiugh.I put my money into Columbia bank, got overdraft protection and the red carpet rolled out for me because they value me as a customer!! pay attention all you snot nosed pencil pushing idiots service really does exist, and i am happy until Columbia pisses me off and I have to move again!

revolution4freedom1 says:

Since when are you guys a member of the MPAA? This raises more questions than answers.

Angelo says:

Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to brswoe your site on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the info you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my phone .

Hans says:

Gatewood, I have been out of town and just read your latest blog. I have told you beofre but this piece of writing just reinforces for me what an incredible human being you are. I never would have known of your apprehension because I always enjoy our conversations. Knowing you, (and appreciating all that you have been through) being able to call you friend is truly a gift in my life. I look forward to reading more beautiful pieces of writing on your blog and continuing to nurture our friendship. God bless you always, Gatewood

Angeles says:

If I could I would record my clinpapg and put it here!! You are a living example of what it says in Philipians; I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!!! Way to go Gatewood. I am so proud of you. I am sure you gave your Mom so much to be proud of and so many memories to ponder in the years to come!

BadBrainPrepp says:

The Question is ,how much are we going to stand for until we have had enough?

FiveforOnereason says:

After being assured eralier this year by my Chase banker that I would not have savings withdrawalfees, I find I have about $500 in fees for going over 6 withdrawal a month, even though I used the Chase bank to make the withdrawals. When I called Chase, the rep. told me it was a Federal Law. When I checked the Federal Law I found Withdrawals at ATMs and in person at a branch are not subject to federal limits , so the Chase rep. blatantly lied to me. I called back and the Chase rep. admitted it was Chase’s policy to charge $5 after 6 Savings withdrawals from any withdrawal location. She gave me a great $4 credit on the $500. Isn’t there a law against this type of scam?


abolish the fake “gov”, illegal, U.S. & D.C. CORPORATIONS ..problem solved

14th amendment & “act of 1871”
..neither are “America, we the people, or Constitution” anything

Gigita says:

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