Notice of Assessments 2005

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I have been in touch with 8 clients so far, that have asked me to find out why their notice of assessment shows arrears interest charged when their payment has cleared their bank prior to the end of April 2006.

I have contacted Canada Revenue Agency and apparently this is not uncommon .. and in 6 of the eight instances – the arrears interest had already been reversed. For the remaining 2 instances, whether or not it would have been reversed automatically (and I’m almost sure it would have been reversed in due time) .. it was “fixed” over the phone at my request.

So – If any of you are getting a little arrears interest charged on your Notice of Assessment, and you have paid your balance due – by certain means .. DO NOT PAY THEM … at least not yet.

It’s just your Canadian Tax Dollars At Work 🙂

You should be receiving another Notice of Assessment (NOA) once the amount is reversed. If it isn’t, contact your E-Filer or Income Tax Preparer to find out what happened. I assumed you all signed your T184 and T1013 consent forms and left them with your tax person?


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