Notice From My Host Server Provider #2

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I should note that this site, and all the sites on my Host Server Provider #1 ( will not be affected, so I thought I would post this message on the SAFE site …

In Alphabetical Order: Affected Sites:

In Alphabetical Order: Sites Not Affected: blog & picks blog blog blog and related sites blog, forum and related sites

Dear Valued Customer,

We will be performing a server migration for all servers hosted with Acenet, Inc.

We have new Data Center facilities and will be migrating all of our machines to the new physical location.

We are trying to provide our clients with as much advanced notice of the migration as possible, but the exact outage time schedule is not available at this time.

Your server is scheduled to move tomorrow, Saturday July 8th.

We will be sending out a second email on a server-by-server basis once a better time frame for the outage is known.

Thank you for your understanding during this time. Our migration is in the interest of providing you with the best resources and facilites possible.

We thank you for your patience.

Acenet Engineering

Hopefully, downtime will be minimal and there will be no issues arising from this migration.

*knocks on wood*


I should note that everything pretty much went smoothly. All sites are running safe, sound and possibly better than before! Yaay!


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