No Winnipeg Free Press For You! Workers On Legal Strike

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Well .. I get most of my news either online or by word of mouth – So this doesn’t affect me – but, it affects my wife. She takes the newspaper to work each morning to read on her breaks …

According to Winnipeg Free Press

The Winnipeg Free Press will not publish a printed edition on Tuesday.

Free Press unionized workers left their jobs on Monday in a legal strike.

Free Press management is continuing to negotiate with the union representing workers, whose collective agreement expired two weeks ago. A further meeting with a conciliator has been set for Tuesday morning.

We hope to reach a new agreement soon.

At this time all subscriptions will be put on hold. No subscribers will be charged for missed papers.

We will continue to publish a full menu of local, national and international news on our website,, including live coverage of the federal election on Tuesday night.

We will also continue to publish new obituaries on, as well as continue to operate all other websites.

I would like to apologize to Free Press readers, advertisers and all of our customers and suppliers for this interruption of service.

We will return to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Bob Cox
Winnipeg Free Press

Great! Thanks for mentioning this on THANKSGIVING. We are sooooooooooo thankful for that.


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