No Place Like Home – Free Income Tax Assistance & Water Conservation

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April 1, 2015 – No Place Like Home
Topic: Free Income Tax Assistance/EITC & Water Conservation

No Place Like Home is a Radio/TV show sponsored by the Housing Finance Authority of Pinellas County. The show features topical subjects each month geared towards housing and home ownership. The program is co-hosted by Kathryn Driver, Executive Director of the Housing Finance Authority of Pinellas County and Jane Muhrlin, Communications Manager with Pinellas County Health and Human Services.

This month’s guests are Eddie Burch and Brian Niemann. The Federal Income Tax filing deadline is April 15 and Eddie Burch with the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County and the Pinellas Prosperity Partnership tells us about an important tax credit you might qualify to receive, and if you qualify for free income tax preparation assistance. April is also Water Conservation Month and Brian Niemann, Florida-Friendly Landscaping Agent with Pinellas County Extension, gives us tips on how to keep our Florida yards and landscaping looking great while conserving water.

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