My “To Do” List Software Crashed …

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I’m so sad.

I’ve been using a “To Do” software program for almost a decade… That’s right .. a decade!

Well, almost a decade .. on the anniversary of the 9th year, it died on me. Go Figure (a decade sounded better, but it was 8 full years, plus Day 1 of the 9th year actually)

The error message says something like this ..

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Program: C:Program Filesetc etc

This Application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the spplication’s support team for more information.

Naturally, I can’t do that – because I used a “crack” version of the software. I was able to find the secret way that the registration numbers were calculated (it was based on the date and year) and create a free registration number that would turn the demo version into a full working version.

I am not going to argue the legalities of this, because I will just tell you my viewpoint .. I think it is okay to use “cracks” .. but I would never distribute them myself. Yes – I am a hypocrit. You see, I feel I am doing the world justice by making it a better place for software companies and developers to create better software and better techniques so “crack-heads” like me can’t use their software for free.

And .. it worked. Subsequent versions, solved that “backdoor” method I was able to figure out .. and the company now is thriving with newer versions and other software!

But – there goes my “To Do” software 🙁

You know – it was great having a “To Do” software but honestly, the software wasn’t that great. If I forgot to save it before rebooting, I lost information, I was limited to certain number of fields of text .. (not that I really needed anything other than the name of the client and year end) plus now that I think of it .. I really couldn’t print any of the reports..


But it was light and not a memory hog and always at my fingertips at a click as an icon in my taskbar.


I figure, it’s not worth finding a crack to the newer software (and I’m not sure if it’s even available) but, my tune has changed somewhat. If I need the software – which time has shown that I use it – I then should be willing to pay for the new registered version!


So .. I’m trying something new .. SWIFT TO-DO (LITE)

You can read all of the promotion blah-blah over this product … HERE


As I mentioned .. I’m using the LITE version .. If I really like it, I probably will upgrade to the FULL version costing $29.95 … Things I’ve noticed about this software already ..

* It prints nice
* It saves immediately
* Drag and Drop works great for moving tasks between groups


Swift To-Do List Lite is freeware version of Swift To-Do List with some limitations. Swift To-Do List Lite is a 100% free to-do list software with reminder and to-do lists organized by tree structure with icons.

100% free
Never expires

25 tasks in one to-do list is maximum
15 to-do lists is maximum
No view modes and filters, less options
No advanced exporting / printing
No batch adding of tasks
No every month reminder or specified days of week reminder

So, from what I’ve seen so far, I think I would recommend to at least try to download the free “LITE” version – especially if you are not using a memory resident To-Do list on your computer. Use it to just keep track when your money in your bank account is coming in, or going out .. and if you have any bills to pay, make a little note and add it to the task list. Works great for shopping lists too because you can print them!

Between this and my program – these are the tools of a SOHO person always working at the computer … a Cardfile list and a ToDo list


As an accountant, and systems consultant .. I use many different software for many different uses. If you want me to evalulate your software, I am willing to accept a full registered version and give it a try, and in return I will try to evaluate it “in practical use” and provide my observations (good or bad) in due time.

(I figure it never hurts to ask)


Jiri Novotny says:

Hey Hartley,

I am the guy who has made Swift To-Do List. Thanks a lot for posting a review, it is much appreciated! You can get in touch with me if you have any suggestions or questions.

Jiri Novotny

Hi Jiri // sorry for long delay – this was lost in moderation until a few moments ago when I saw your comment //

This is quite timely .. because, on Dec 22 I decided to stop using Swift Lite .. (see THIS POST) ..

Basically – these were the problems, for me:

* When I created a todo entry, I couldn’t tell what date order it was created
* When I “X”ed out a todo entry, if my cursor was on a line that wasn’t “X’ed out and I clicked the Delete “X’ed out todo lists – the wrong one kept getting deleted.
* The Archive of deleted posts – would be nice.

What I did like, though – was that I was able to add a comment at the bottom of a todo list. But, the above two items were overwelming me confusing me in the order todo things – and if I ordered them by date in, I was unable to order the deadline date out needed. And, the odd deletion with all my comments in the bottom, without me remembering what I deleted.

If those were fixed, I would try using it again.

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