My Telecommunication Changes Takes Effect Today Monday November 10, 2008

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What I’ve Got Now

1) HOME ACCOUNT (About $180/month)

* Home/Business phone line with the extras
* Digital TV
* DSL Internet

2) MOBILITY ACCOUNT #1 (About $50/month)

* My cell phone with basic extras
* My wife’s cell phone (buddy plan)

3) MOBILITY ACCOUNT #2 (About $90/month – big hits over summer overages)

* My EVDO account – currently, maxed out at 500MB transfers per month. The July/August summer usage ended up costing me about $800 – being connected in the middle of nowhere so I can run my


* I’ve got an all-in-one machine that I can fax out, and if I push a button I can receive faxes on my home phone line. But, this was getting a little annoying so last month I resurrected the Fax-to-Email option with a toll-free (vanity) fax line number.

What Takes Place Today

1) I renegotiated a new deal with my EVDO account to get a reduction in the monthly (contract) price by about $30/month and doubled the tranfser limits to 1GB. This actually is the promotion price for “new” customers, but I convinced Mobility that I am customer loyal and deserve that too! They are backdating it to the start of this last month’s bill October 8, 2008.

2) I replaced my home phone line with a D-Link line. Basically, this means that it’s like a ghost number and line coming into my house that still feeds me DSL high speed internet and Digital TV, but there is NO MORE HOME PHONE LINE.. I will not be able to fax out anymore with my All-In-One.

3) I cancelled my own cell phone number, but kept the home phone number and have transferred this home phone number to my cell phone. This home phone number will be my all-exclusive cell phone number. My wife has her number, and I have mine .. and they both end in the same 4 digits 🙂 But, there is no LAN line in our house.

4) I am using and promoting my Toll-Free Fax Line number more with my business, which is going through .. Clients can actually send me faxes now (which is fax-to-email on my end) via email. So can I! I can send people faxes either from the online website or my gmail account and like that I can send a fax from anywhere in the world I have internet access, and back to that “living in the cloud” concept. Instructions how to do this is on my business card site

5) I have resurrected my VoIP/USB phone jack that any phone plugs into for outgoing calls (if wanted) in my home. I have a (707) California number, all paid up until 2013 that will NOT cost me anything to call or receive anything anytime in Canada or U.S.A. Currently, I have one phone jack that’s those VTech 6.0 cordless phone but I was at Best Buy this weekend, and I was thinking of upgrading it to new set of 4 phones for $80 that I can place around the house strategically. Currently, this doesn’t work that well on my laptop and Vista with my Skype Phone jack but that’s another story (and future post).

So, that’s pretty much it!

Here’s a summary of what all this will cost me … or, actually save me really…

* Savings on EVDO per year ($90-65)*12 = ($300.00/year)
* Savings on Home Phone (Approx $70/mo) = ($900.00/year)
* Extra increase of Cell Phone costs I think I need (Approx $7/month) = $84.00
* Cost of new Toll-Free Fax Line ($13×12) = +$156.00/year

>> total savings = ($960.00 plus taxes) or about $80/month.

PLUS! I should mention that increasing my EVDO transfer rate from 500MB to 1GB probably will knock off about $150 from my extra billing next summer – assuming same conditions and usage as in 2008.

Worth it? I think so. Time will tell if NOT having a home phone LAN line will be annoying and this savings not worth it. The worse part, is that my cell phone isn’t too bad – but, I don’t like it. It’s got a dinky camera and I think I’m locked in for another 2 years on my plan. I tried to see if they would ALSO renegotiate that contract and maybe I can get a better phone that may be more suitable to my business – online and offline. Perhaps with a keyboard for better text messaging, or one of those 3G phones or Blackberry phones etc etc etc. Right now, it would be too costly to get a new phone as I would have to pay full rates. They suggest I try again in 6 months to renegotiate.

QUESTION: Do you have both a LAN home phone number and a cell phone number? Or, do you just have one phone number and that’s it?

I’m curious how everybody else is doing things! Please leave a comment and tell me your story!!


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