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I shop at several places for my office and computer supplies.

Grand & Toy – I have a credit card for this store, with a business account and terms, and receive an adequate business rate discount off of retail price. I seem loyal to the Polo Park Shopping Center branch. Their sales reps have always taken the consideration to call me every 2 months to see if I need more supplies, and also faxes me their latest sales fax-flyer to my toll-free Fax line.

I have noticed a great difference in using different brands of paper in each of my printers, the deskjet, the officejet and the laserjet. What seems to be consistently good quality is the “Grand & Toy” brand, premium copy paper, 8-1/2″ by 11″ or 216mm by 279mm, white, bright brilliance, 20 lb. or 75 g/m2, stock number #99115. I go through about 20 boxes of paper a year, 2/3’s of that during tax season alone. It just doesn’t pay to save a few dollars on a box of 5,000 sheets. Some problems I have received with other brands would include: … uneven page sizes, shaffing, bending while printing, uneven thickness, black and color inkjet will smudge more often, and paper jams. It’s all a matter of preference, I suppose.

I purchase all of my paper at Grand & Toy, plus all of my purple pens that I like to write with. I might impulse shop for other small items, such as paper clips etc when I’m at the shopping center browsing all of the shops

Office Depot – I like shopping at the Madison Branch, usually on the way to Polo Park Shopping Center. I have an “advantage” club card, and pay cash at the retail price. Every 3 months, I receive a card that contains, I believe, a 10% discount on every purchase that I register with the “advantage” card. It comes in handy when you are low on cash and need supplies.

All my normal office supplies are purchased at Office Depot. This would include pads of paper, stick-ums and post-it notes, other pens, envelopes, and well … everything else but copy paper and shipping supplies.

I purchase all of my 7-Column Pad paper and Office Depot plus most of my other envelopes, labels, staples, acco binding supplies and the majority of office supplies that I need

Staples – I do not like shopping at any branch, but I occassionally do buy the occassional shipping supplies for my – [Online Store]. They have better shipping boxes and shipping tape and at better prices than Office Depot. My needs so far has been slight, in that I don’t have the resources to purchase a mass quantity of boxes from the local box manufacturer or wholesaler, and just need the occassional box when I want it .. also, a 3-pack of shipping tape lasts almost half a year for me. The branch that I do end up shopping at, has a wider variety of gadgets such as office phones, printers, software titles, and even office furniture … just a lousy variety of office supplies (in my opinion).

Staples always seems to have exactly the right size of shipping envelope or box that you need to pack an order, that is, if you can’t get a free box from your local liquor store!

There you have it. My three sources of Office Supplies in Winnipeg. I am a firm believer that if you are buying your office supplies at any other store besides an office supply store … you need to get better organized and start making a list. Sure, Wal-Mart and your local supermarkets and corner stores sell some general supplies … but you shouldn’t have to settle for lower quality or similar products from different brands – unless you want to.

Take care.


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