My New Space Heater

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I work in my home, on the second floor. During the summer, it gets too hot – because heat rises. In the winter, it’s quite the opposite – I’m freezing! We keep our natural gas fireplace on most of the time, and the thermostat is on the main floor. In order to bring heat up to the second floor, the main floor has to either turn into a furnace .. (which, I don’t mind) .. or we have to spend money redoing our heating system and maybe even consider dual furnaces and the like!

So .. I have been using a “Space Heater” for the past 4 years. Last week – it died on me! I finally moved up from the cheaper $19.99 space heater to the $59.99 model at Canadian Tire, although with the accumulated Canadian Tire Dollar money I have .. it only cost me $35.00. This is FAR WAY SUPERIOR than the other one, and oscillates nicely to keep my legs warm, and my office in my home comfortable to work in. If you are looking for a heater for under your desk – and I know how confusing that can be with all the choices – I would recommend you try the one I’ve got pictured below!

I don’t care what you say – It’s hard to be productive while you are sweating like a pig or have heat exhaustion .. and also hard to concentrate and even think when you are freezing your buns off, or wearing gloves .. parkas and hats in your own home office!

My old Space Heater is the smaller one on the right. My new one is the NOMA one on the left.


In May 2008 my wife wants me to move my ‘office in home’ down to the basement. It is cooler in the basement during the summer months, but all the heat is directed up to the main and second floor and is completely freezing in the winter months. I would have to build a rec room or some type of home office. I don’t know if that’s worth it at this stage, or if I can afford to do that.


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