My Main DELL Computer Crashed Sunday

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* ugggh

The Microsoft Windows Error Reporting crash recovery screen suggests that my main desktop computer (DELL) needs a new video driver ?? .. Ever since last night about 7pm (Sunday evening) my computer has been rebooting immediately after it reboots and reaches the desktop.

I’m on my second spare computer right now (aka the COMPAQ aka my wife’s SIMS2 computer) but, all my data is one the DELL computer .. and my last backup to this computer over the network – was Friday Morning … I’ve lost about 8 hours of work if I can’t recover it today. Naturally, that will be my priority because I do not want to reinvent the wheel.

Backup Your Data! When’s the last time you made a clean backup?


I have managed to successfully backup and transfer my c:data to this spare computer (while I was writing this) .. and I just need to install a few more programs.


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