My Laptop Computer: Dell D820

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I took my laptop to the cottage this weekend, and did a little work. WHAT A PLEASURE! I actually did some work! The laptop battery, fully charged, lasts for an estimated 5-1/2 hours .. but, I had it plugged in while I was using it and keeping it charged.

In my house, the built-in wi-fi/bluetooth/wireless detector recognized my own network and hooked up to my wireless G broadband router immediately. Actually, it also noticed a few other networks in my general area too! That’s with no extra wireless card inserted into the laptop .. just turn it on – and I’m not only connected to my other computers, but the network. It’s pretty sweeeeeeeeet.

As for the EVDO Card .. I have been informed that they are shipping this week. Informed – and advised that the prices went up. Before, I had to sign up for a 3-year contract to get the card for “free”. Now, it will cost be $99 when I sign up for a 3-year contract. To quote Southpark .. “THOSE BASTARDS!” And, yes .. I’ll cave in and still get the 3-year contract and pay that high price – what else I can do? I blame it on myself for getting windows Vista Business Operating System on my laptop.

And, speaking of EVDO and Victoria Beach .. the new MTS tower is out there and actually exists! Apparently, it won’t be active until the end of this season with the internet access, and is only acting as a boost for regular cellular activities. So, I will be relying on the Belair Tower for my EVDO access, as I originally planned. And, next year should be worry-free.

As Promised .. Here Are Some Pictures

I didn’t take my camera to the cottage, to show you what it was like working on my laptop but I did take some pictures before I left (plus a few you have seen before) .. here they are.

* This is the portable 120 GB USB Hard Drive – which you’ve seen before

* This is the wireless Keyboard and Mouse – which you’ve seen before

* Here is my laptop hooked up to my network accessing the internet. That little thingy at the left of the computer is a mini USB fan that I had with my old laptop, that flashes psychodelic colors as it is working .. I am keeping it with the laptop accessories

* A Closer view of the laptop, although still a crappy picture. I kept getting a glare from the lights back on the picture and *believe-it-or-not* this was the best picture taken. It does not look as blurry in real life as it does here 🙂 By the way, that’s the 120 GB portable drive attached. I would have uploaded all my .mp3 and installation files after taking this picture.

* Side View: It has two card slots, lots of ports and the bluetooth/wi-fi on/off switch

* The keyboard is really nice and you know what? It even clicks when you type it! Just like I like on my keyboards .. plus it accesses the music controls too

* This is it – everything that needs to go in the laptop case

* Maxxie Approved! Everything (including keyboard) fits inside this laptop case .. including a few files, my pen and paper, business cards and a few other goodies. It might be a little overstuffed~

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