My Firtht EVDO Bill hath arriveth

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I received my first EVDO (MTS Mobility) statement today. It is for the period June 29, 2007 until August 7, 2007 – and geesh that screws me up. First of all, this bill was for $145.77 allocated as follows:

Activation Fee (Jun29) – $35.00
Service (Jun29-Jul07) – $34.00
Service (Jul08-Aug07) – $60.00 (discounted from $90 for next three months)
PST 7% and GST 6% – $16.77
>> Total $145.77

I’m quite pissed. I knew about the activation fee, but I had absolutely no idea about the pro-rated billing cut-off. I have signed up for the maximum 500MB Data transfer account, and was hoping to experience some information about how much access and usage time I have been using this month – and, it’s a lot! Actually, i did quite a really big blogging day July 8th and also July 14th out at the beach – both times after the cutoff date. I called Manitoba Telephone System (MTS) about this and their response was pretty much that I shouldn’t worry, because I didn’t exceed my limit from June 29 to July 7th .. (I had to stay on the phone 14 minutes in rotation to hear that brainstorm comment)

And – I was blogging light – here’s a sample of my “Preposting template schedule” I keep. When I prepost articles in advance, I mark it down on this spreadsheet, so I don’t overload any blog with tons of postings all at the same time (and to avoid having all blogs posting at the same time for services like, etc). I don’t bother with the instant blogging or rather, the impulse blogging (like this post). But, if that excites you in keeping organized – feel free to click the above link and scoop my excel template!


AND .. if that’s not enough of a nail in my coffin .. I will be away on vacation from August 3 thru August 19, 2007 (planned since February 2007. HALF of my catching up on my blogging will be in the first week – before the first? second? official bill cut-off occurs .. AND – I won’t get the bill until I get BACK from my vacation.

Me Thinks There Will Be A Big Bill In August Coming!! The contract price was factored into my “evil HART-Empire” plans .. but, overages were not. If it turns out that I am way over my limit, I am prepared to cut it back down to the maximum level allowed, because there is no “next” level after that.

I wish ME luck on My Second Bill that will cometh~


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