My Apologies to the Spammees – spammed with email account “

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I just noticed in my email TRASH folder there has been a LOT (I mean hundreds!) of rejected emails coming back from people in VACATION MODE …. I can only assume THOUSANDS or more? have gone through.

They would have the reference email
[some fictitious name] cowhbsmcnid (at) hbsmc (dot) com

* I assure you – that is not me. This is just one of the sample of details of where those emails are coming … note the IP address on the returned email from one person that was spammed by this account:

Received: from [] by; Fri, 31 Aug 2007 11:23:59 -0300
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 11:23:59 -0300
From: “Sandy Stallings” [cowhbsmcnid (at) hbsmc (dot) com]

Here is where the IP is located:


* I am located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and my servers are located in Chicago (Check it out – I’m

The bottom line, is that I allowed this to happen because I am using one email address .. hart (at) hbsmc (dot) com … and then using a ‘catch-all’ for everything else. That’s because I have about 25 different emails that can possibly be used that I might have used over the years on invoicing, signing up for newsletters, etc etc. Because it’s my business email – I didn’t want to block potential business correspondence.

However, this leaves me no choice to correct this situation and block the use of my email once and for all. This means that from this point on .. only one email s will be valid:

hart (at) hbsmc (dot) com

My apologies.

HBS Management Consultants
aka HART (1-800-HART)

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