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Hey Other Adsense Users!

Found a nifty little software utility today … (from catching up on my unread Blogline feeds and a heads up from Dominic Foster’s Accidental Entrepreneur blog).

It’s called: AdSenseLOG – from Metalgrass Software.

“a tool for checking and analyzing your Adsense ads data (Content, Search, Custom/URL channels and Referrals). This tool is aimed at site owners who use Adsense in their sites.

It comes with a lot of features .. but, what caught my attention to this utility tool – is it’s price.

I currently fall in the “FREE” Version and, if it’s any good I might purchase the Basic Version cost of $20. We’ll see …

AdSenseLog comes in three flavors: Free, Basic & Pro. All versions supports all features…

Free: For users who earn less than 50$ a month
Basic: For users who earn less than 250$ a month. The basic version costs 20$
Pro: Unlimited version. Costs 50$

When you download AdSenseLog, you can enjoy a 30-days trial of the pro version. After 30 days AdSenseLog will turn into the Free version.

So far .. it’s worth the price as I already see some interesting graphs … PLUS – it’s a lot quicker to see everything after it retrieves the data from Google.

My Google Adsense account finally reached a cumulative $100 USD payout level in July 2006 .. the last time it did that was in February 2006. So far .. I basically receive clicks on the PetLvr blog excclusively, which gets more search engine traffic and people are looking for stuff (opposed to content – if that makes sense). It’s the same thing with the Chitika ads, except being a little more pitiful .. It also takes me about five months to reach the $10 USD payout threshold!

Yes .. I know I suck at this, but I try to monetize all my blogs anyway .. to offset my internet access, and hosting costs. It’s like winning our Lotto 6/49 someday … We can dream, right? I often dream that I might be able to build up a reserve from these adsense earnings and other blogging revenues before XMas 2006 .. and then be able to take my wife and dogs and myself on a mini-vacation. Maybe we can drive down to Fargo, North Dakota and shop.

As for this AdSenseLOG software utility .. if you are into that type of thing .. it looks like it’s worth checking out. The download is only 2.56MB and doesn’t seem to take much RAM in memory leaving it running in your taskbar.

Feel free to drop a few hints or tips in these comments to let us know what your favorite part of this software is and if it’s helping you at all.

Take care.


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