Minimalist Money Investments, Savings, Financial Planning and Retirement

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In this episode of Thriving Minimalist .Com, I answer these two questions posed from subscribers- (1) What are my thoughts on minimalism and financial planning? (2) Where do I keep my money? I also discuss the best investment you can make and my philosophy on money. I hope you enjoy the video! If you do, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.

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Will C says:

I'm trying to be a minimalist and I only work once or twice a month. It's hard to not get distracted by the holidays, it fucked me up lol. I'm watching ur videos for motivation

JBryant Concierge says:

Emotional success by reducing the emotional clutter… WOW! that's so perfect.

Vintage Trailer Life style says:

Thanks Connor for all your great advice. I saw in another video that you were headed to California. Hit me up it you come through Southern Cali. I am a teacher in Orange County and would love to learn more about minimalism and full time rving from the expert!

Hanna says:

I have watched a few of you videos and you have gotten a new subscriber. I really enjoy watching your videos! I am a 18 year old girl still in high school, I still live at home. I do have a lot of control over my own life considering I'm not yet a fully independent adult. I feel like your videos about relationships and following one's passion has really helped me getting a new perspective on how I want to live my life, and it has reduced my stress about what career path to choose. My question for you is, what advice would you give to a teenager who wants to live minimalistic, but not yet have the power to fully choose how you want to live?

Another Tex says:

I want to be a minimalist purely for financial reasons. I don't plan to be like this forever, I want to be rich. But for now, I must be a realist.

Raw Alignment says:

You're videos are so freaking inspiring! I love it. "Creating wealth to invest in myself" is what stuck with me the most from this video. Thank you! :)

aj maganda says:

May I have your PayPal account? So I can get some moneys from you

LeAnn G says:

You're cute ;)

Breaking Nomad says:

Great video!

dino kirby says:

hey connor ,,thanks for answering my question here……i know friends that own several houses ,they are in debt as they can negative gear the houses , but that comes with a lot of time and stress to manage all houses ,its like a full time job ,ontop of your already 9 to 5 job ,,,i like to keep it simple ,1 house and put all my savings in at easy to get to bank ,,,,less stress ,more time to live life …….cheers Dino

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