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mileagelogger.jpgI must say that this looks like an impressive product. You plug it in your lighter and then it keeps track of your mileage automatically using GPS. You still have to tell it when you are driving personal miles or business miles, but this time .. all you do is push a button, instead of keeping a manual log book.

A lot of self-employed people use their vehicle to claim automobile expenses. This includes gas, oil, car washes, repairs and maintenance, licensing and insurance, leasing costs and even interest on car loans and other incidental vehicle costs like Motor League, etc, not to mention the depreciation of the value of the car (capital cost allowance). If you didn’t know, only a PRO-RATA portion of these expenses can be claimed – based on the BUSINESS usage only. In certain situations, in lieu of keeping track of all expenses, you are able to claim a straight deduction based on the actual business miles used. In both cases, if you received any mileage allowances, you would reduce your claim. In Canada, you also have to keep track of the number of kilometres you drove specifically for the purpose of moving or medical expenses, or for the northern residents deductions.

Canadian Mileage Allowance Rates In 2007


* In Canada – the 2008 rates will be available on the CRA website in 2009 (I believe its the same as above for now)
* In USA – IRS standard business mileage rate deduction for 2008 is 50.5¢ per mile.

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* Put the Mileage Logger™ in your car and you’ll be able to log all of your driven miles Automagically™.

* This GPS enabled device acquires the start and end location automatically and also calculates the distance traveled; your records are transmitted via the cellular network (GSM) and are accessible with your personal login information on our secure website Just plug the Mileage Logger™ with the provided car adapter and the device will take care of the rest.

* When you are logged into your account, simply select your trips and classify them as business, charity, commute, medical or personal. In addition, you’ll be able to insert comments for the purpose of each trip. Each record contains easy to read addresses and precise maps to help you remember the purpose of the trip. You have the option to export the records to Excel; and if you like, you can also merge, delete or add records.

General Features

• Creates Mileage Records Automatically: Concentrate on your business and let this tiny device log records using vehicle motion.

• Hands Free, Plug and Go: Plug it into your car and put it in your cup holder, center console or on the sun visor. You don’t have to remove it since it sends all of your mileage records over the cellular network.

• Records Available Online, Anytime: Log in on the Internet anytime to view your records. You decide what records are for business, commuting, personal, charity or medical.

• No Software or Installation: Absolutely no installation and best of all, your records are secured online with a username and password.


• Portable: The device is also powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which can last up to 8 hours and can be very useful for outdoor enthusiasts, elderly or children.

• Locate On Demand Feature: You can opt to purchase this feature and locate your vehicle at anytime, anywhere; this can help you locate your vehicle if it is stolen or locate lost loved ones.

• Emergency Panic Button Feature: You can opt to purchase this feature and notify your closest friends or family with a text message when you are in an emergency by pressing the side panic button; the emergency text message will contain your name, latitude-longitude and physical address; this feature can be very helpful if you or your loved ones are in dangerous situation.Limited to 20 text messages per month.

• Calling Feature: You can opt to purchase this feature and call your friends or family with a pre-programmed phone number; this can assist you or your loved ones when they are lost or in an emergency.


• Dimensions: 3.93 inches x 2.32 inches x 1 inch (100mm x 59mm x 25.4mm)
• Housing: Polycarbonate
• Power: 5V/400mAh input via Mini-USB Port
• Frequency Bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• Environment- Operating Temperature: -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C)
• Alerts: Motion Sensor, Vibrating or Sound Alerts
• GPS/A-GPS: Tracks up to 14 satellites
• Battery: 3.7V Rechargeable Li-Ion 1340 mAh
• Certifications: FCC, GCF, PTCRB, CSA, CE Mark, RoHS Compliant
• Warranty: The device carries a 1 year limited warranty on manufacturer hardware defects.

Small Business TV did a TV segment on this product

“Automobile expenses can be a major tax deduction for many small businesses. Each business mile is now worth more than fifty cents in 2008 since the IRS increased the deductible costs of operating a vehicle for business by two cents per mile from last year.

A new electronic gizmo promises to make logging business miles simple without fussing with the old paper log books and all those tedious calculations.

The Mileage Logger is about half the size of a dollar bill and plugs into your vehicle’s lighter power adapter. The device uses the power of GPS to calculate and record trip distance. This information is transmitted to the company website through cellular networks. The mileage report is then accessible on the web using a secure user name and password.

The report includes more than just mileage indicating both start and end date/time/location with interactive maps, time traveled, mileage type, and customizable comments section.”



The Company is offering a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

The price is $299 USD for the unit, plus you will need a $14.95 USD/monthly mileage logging service subscription and if you were my client, I would write off the expense .. at least the business portion 😀 .. it’s cheaper than a cell phone!

* Say goodbye to tax audits, losing money and manually logging your miles! Use Mileage Logger. Simply plug it into your car and drive. Go online and review your driving activity. Also acts as a GPS system


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