Messing with CRA Scammers

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Some guy called me trying to see he was from the CRA and I owed back taxes. I realized it was a 226 number, which is a cell phone number in my area, and called him back acting like I wanted to help.

What an idiot.


Mohamed AG says:

This is the number of the scammer who called me
(613) 975-9844
Let's have some fun and waste thier time as much as we can to keep hem away from innocent people.

Thomas Hawkinson says:

Thank you for putting the Indian POS in his place!  I love the way you called his bluff and offered your lawyers name.  He just was trying to scare you by asking about your attorney.  He wanted you to panic and ask a lot of questions.  His goal:  Get you to buy $5000 in gift cards and give him the card codes.  Note, these phone numbers are 'spoofed' to look Canadian.  The call is coming from India.  Tom H.

Teri D says:

Just what I need to see. I video of a fool laughing at himself!!!

Brian Ford says:

These Goat molesters try to intimidate you ..Most likely the call came from India where law enforcement is very lacking using a spoofed number..

maninder singh Verma says:

Bro that was good what you did with that scammer but if you Swearing at Indian people and saying that to go back to your country or something
That was really nonsense because last week i just got a scammer call who was a Canadian so stop being a hater love humanity man and stay away from bad people but at least don’t blame or criticize one nationality

Maybe it’s not your fault your parents teach you that
As well as i wanna tell you that these scammer doesn’t call us from Canada they call from overseas and you being a fool saying go back to your country blah blah blah man Indian people are already an important part of Canada now
And all those good and great Canadian people loves Indian people they are not like you

Valerie Kirk says:

Love this!! They're so ridiculous it's unreal.

HC M says:

hahahahah! I fkin love it!

Johnny Metal says:


mbaamr says:


david carmichael says:

I got a call from a tax scammer just the day before yesterday, the first message was computer generated and even the English on that was broken. I guess They imput the message how they want it and it calls random numbers. I called back and it said the number had been disconnected. So I waited about an hour and they called again. The call came from the same number. I told them I would take a message. As soon as they hung up I called the number back and again it was disconnected. I think they have figured out how to prevent scambaiters from harassing them. The number was 604. 426. 1589. If this number appears on your display please report it.

Misbah Naz says:

Sad thing is they are intheir country trying to fraud ppl

Calisthenicsnoob says:

I just got the same call. Good job man! If you were more subtle it would be funnier lol

adam wilson says:

I had them on the phone for 20 minutes today. I finally asked him if his wife enjoys his micro penis. I've gotten three of those suckers to disconnect thier lines.

Aziz Saad says:

I'm newcomer and since I came to Canada less than a year ago
i have known many many people (from certain nationalities) doing scams, taking advantage of the system
i just can't understand how ungrateful they can be
i spent all my savings until i got a job 10 months later just to avoid applying for welfare and be a burden to the country and community
trying my best to contribute, making donations and being a good resident in this great country
i will be always grateful and thankful.

Nikon Guy says:

I received several calls from these pathetic scammers. They seem to have some of my personal information on file which is quite disturbing. It’s possible that some of these scammers may work or have worked for Bell Mobility or Rogers or various other call centers from legitimate businesses. Many companies’ client services reps are based in India and I think they’re passing on or selling personal information to these scammers or they’re moonlighting as scammers themselves.

Len B says:

listerine & pepsi ?

vdobrovo says:

Great job “Paul Ryan!!!” Make ghe number public so we can waste some of his time and patience which he doesnt have too much anyways

Artist Film says:

To be honest I would say the same thing to the guy on the phone, (minus the alcohol bit). I would keep calling back and harass the shit out of them.

ryanplays says:

how do you spell paul ryan, george mcdavid. lol

“mr ryan” haha

thisisAB says:

Lmao I lost it when you pulled out Bacardi and took a sip

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