Memories Of My 2008 Vacation – so far

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I’ve been on vacation since July 26th and return back to work August 13, 2008. In the meantime, as I start to go through all of my pictures that I have been taking ..

These are some of my favorites from Victoria Beach, Manitoba .. on Lake Winnipeg. We had some great days! We had some rainy days. We had some HOT HOT HOT days! We had some great hot days, but a little windy days. We went on walks, We went on bicycle rides. We went swimming. We boated down past Grand Beach towards the Red River docks. We had lots of Bakery. We had lots of BBQ. Did I mention we went to several fairs and craft shoes? And, despite all that .. my best pictures are probably boring to many – of the clouds and our dogs! Well .. the dogs will end up over at .. so you are stuck with the CLOUD pictures!~ 🙂


I’ve added captions to the pictures this morning.

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