Meme – Top Five On Friday – Week 40

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Top Five On Friday – Week 40

Silly things reign supreme.
We did “Silly songs” once, but this week I’m doing a twist on it.
Top 5 Silly Song Titles
And if you’re feeling frisky a bonus:
Top 5 Silly Album Titles

I have lots of crazy and silly songs! I could have filled this list twice .. and still be in the “A”‘ section… but, that would include stuff like .. Arrogant Worms (Kill the Dog Next Door) and stuff like that … So, I thought I would keep it light and funny .. and less of the Dr. Evil – type of silliness!

As with previous weeks, I have removed last weeks selections and tossed up this week’s Top Five .. You can rename them accordingly .. Don’t miss out on these ones!

In No Particular Order:

1) DENIS LEARY – “I’m An Asshole”

2) BENNY HILL – “The Man Song”

3) MONTY PYTHON – “The Lumberjack Song”

4) SOUTHPARK – MR. HANKY’S CHRISTMAS – “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel”


And .. sure .. I feel frisky, here’s five silly albums … (pssst.. and links to them in Amazon! :-D)

1) BRUCE WILLIS – “The Return Of Bruno” (1987)

The Return of Bruno

2) LEONARD NIMOY – “Highly Illogical” (1994)

Highly Illogical

3) IRON BUTTERFLY – “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” (1987)


4) SMASHMOUTH – “Fush Yu Mang” (1997)

Fush Yu Mang

5) WEIRD “AL” YANKOVICH – “Alapalooza” (2000)


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Andrea says:

Oh hell, when you posted the Monty Python song, I remembered another; Every Sperm is Sacred!

Great choices!

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