Meme – Top Five On Friday – Week 36

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Top Five On Friday – Week 36

Top 5 “Medical” Songs
(These can have anything to do with the medical profession, doctors, drugs, ailments)

Last week I included the sheet music words for my selections. This week, I thought I would toss up these .mp3 selections onto my server. I have replaced the spaces with dashes to make it easier for upload and play. Feel free to remove them and edit them the way you like.

We’ll see how it goes, bandwidth-wise .. but they will probably be listed only up until next Meme Friday… If someone can suggest a better method that can help me share my music without the risk of extensive bandwidth to be charged to me, .. please advise me in the comments below. Thanks.

1) Roxy Music – “Love Is The Drug”

2) Arrogant Worms – “Sex, Drugs & RRSP”

3) Sarah Vaughan – “Broken Hearted Melody”

4) Dire Straits – “Industrial Disease”

5) Sugarcubes – “Sick For Toys”

UPDATE: 2006 Songs removed from server

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Andrea says:

Oh great choices and now I’m thinking of a few more I could have used! Thanks for playing this week!

HART says:

I have deleted these from my server today – September 16, 2005.


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