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Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 15SEP05

(Wilderness, Lakes, Ocean, Mountains, Wildlife, Tents, Cabins, Backpacking, Picnic Tables, Campfires,…)

This is a picture I submitted to this week’s Thursday Challenge .. We visited DisneyLand (that’s a Theme Park, right?) back in January 2002 and this was one of those “Kodak” moments that the Space Mountain facility automatically takes your picture at a vulnerable spot, in hoping to get a great picture and entice you to buy it. When we exited this ride, I saw the digital image on a screen and just KNEW I had to have it!

That’s me, HART, in the front row, on your right.. “chilling” and enjoying the ride! That’s my wife-to-be, YVONNE, in the front seat on your left … FREAKING OUT!! I don’t know who the young boy and his dad were sitting behind us…

It currently resides in my Photo Gallery (link below), in the Hemet – Vacation – Dec/2001 to Jan/2002 gallery folder.

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You can see this picture plus a variety of other pictures in either of my two online photo galleries:

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