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Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 6OCT05

(gold/golden or yellow things, harvest, autumn, prosperous, advantageous, fortunate, coins, bananas, corn, canaries,…)

The only ‘Golden’ picture I could think of, was a picture of my wife on our Wedding Day .. BEFORE the ceremony .. not this one (while she was weighing the pros and cons to go through with the wedding) but THIS ONE! (after deciding to go through with the wedding!) …. The “Golden” being her Medieval Wedding Costume that is.

So, this is the picture I submitted to this week’s Thursday Challenge .. borrowed from my friend Tina ..

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Compliments of:

Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods, Inc.
Peppermaster Hot Sauces

And, if you need a good Chili Recipe to go with these “Peppermaster” hot sauces … try HART’s Famous Chili Recipe too

PS: If you want see more pictures of my wife in her ‘Golden’ Medieval Wedding costume and mine too .. feel free to check out – Photo Gallery

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heather says:

Hart, you are one scary lookin’ dude. 🙂 Like the hairdo. Those peppers look like they pack a punch. I ate some wonderful Thai fish-sauce on my Pad Thai the other night, and it had little red sliced peppers in it… very warm indeed.

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