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Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 22SEP05

(Appliance, Bed, Bookcase, Cabinet, Chair, Chest, Commode, Couch, Cupboard, Desk, Dresser, Sofa, Stool, Stove, Table,…)

These are the pictures I submitted to this week’s Thursday Challenge .. I know it’s more than one picture, but it’s of the same item. I built these “chair backers” that fit over regular chairs, for our Medieval Wedding’s Head Table. Our guests were quite impressed how it looked. I still have them in my basement, contemplating whether I should (a) Sell them (b) Rent them out, or (c) Make a great Headboard out of them.

So .. here are HART’s “CHAIR BACKERS” …

You can see these pictures plus a variety of other pictures in either of my two online photo galleries:

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