Maximize Your 2009 Home Renovations Tax Credit From Revenue Canada

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

From The YouTube Description

Home renovations can earn you as much as 00 in tax credits for work performed on your home from January 2009 to January 31 2010. This is a one-shot deal valid this year only as it was designed to inject life into the construction industry during recessionary times. Tax credits are also available provincially. in this video, Chartered Accountant James Kromida provides you with all of the pertinent details of this plan to help you maximize your benefits.



educationtutorials says:

I didn’t realise there was a provincial tax credit too. James Kromida, you just put several hundred more dollars in my pocket!!! Thank you.

beyond7 says:

So how I undrstand it, I do a lot of paperwork to take money from the public purse and fatten the profits of the retailers who did not pass to consumers saving from higher canadian dollar and cheaper cost of materials. I’ll take my chance and do the renovations after the deadline when I will be able to negotiate much better prices.

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