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I had a little fun with a “new toy” this weekend .. I was playing with the site .. it’s a site where you can make a short video for 30 seconds, in about five minutes! It’s quite simple to use – here’s the promo video (it’s been around for a while)

I personally found that 30 seconds was not enough to present a statement or visual promotion of anything, so when I created an account – I upgraded to a $30 “All Access Pass” for a year. There are also full commercial licenses available up to $249 per year. I found that although it takes about 5 minutes to actually make a video, I did spent much more time in the selection process of suitable music and appropriate pictures to be inserted in the video.

I Made Three Attempts

I thought I would create samples to show you what can be done with this program and site. The first if a promotional video I created to promote my PetLvr Blog site. Hopefully, I hope my message that if you want to find pet related information – you should come check out PetLvr Blog. The second attempt, was a personal video showing friends a little bit of our summer cottage at Victoria Beach, Manitoba. My third attempt was a tribute video – to my father-in-law Herb Konig, who suffered brain damage during a car accident last winter and will never be the same. The family has been trying to close down his business, and a lot of customers wanted to wish him well and, well I captured pictures hopefully to jog his memory. I think it turned out o.k.!

But – What do YOU think? Here they are:

My friend Polybore from has created a new site to showcase all promotional videos created at Animoto .. so, if you end up testing this service out and creating your own video .. check out and submit your video! Plus – if you decide to up yourself from a free account to a paid service, click the link from this site and you will get a $5 discount!

This might be one way to get a little extra promotion out on your site .. that’s light on the wallet.


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