MAD TV – Anderson Accounting (That Was Me…)

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Funny Mad Tv sketch featuring Pat Kilbane.


Wartler says:

As someone who graduated college a year ago and is still unemployed, this
is… eerie…

Nihatemoon says:

this can be Youtube/Google’s Future

Kenny De says:

LOL the transition is priceless and his facial expressions.

lovett63 says:

This is pretty damn brilliant. Lmao

SpaceMonkeyHimself says:

I LOVE this sketch! Best ever on Mad TV.


THat’s just straight up funny. And that’s how it is.

Sekkingstad says:

That guy needs a chat with the depressed Persian tow truck man.

AirmanMac187 says:

aw of yaw sum dick gobblerz

MrBinksSake says:

everyone remembers Will Debra Aries and Nicole which to be fair were all
great, but so few remember Pat he is really underrated and was my personal
favorite followed by Phil

AlphaDevilbuster says:

lmao! Pat was always my favorite

GregVersionThree says:

Pat Kilbane was very underrated.

Bonanza86 says:

@FSinWCR Me too, man. Me too.

FSinWCR says:

I’ve been looking for this for almost a decade.

sideburn260 says:

I’ve been looking forever for this sketch, funny as hell! LOL

ronnardk says:

Pat is so gorgeous!! I love him! Hes hot!

Bruce Wayne says:

IIRC he played rob zombie in another mad tv skit. But I don’t know which

MJDHX says:

Stan the Java Man!

SlimShadySyndrome says:

In a few more years, he would look like Rob Zombie.

kaledivh says:

Oh thank god, someone finally posted this sketch. my favorite sketch of
their’s. Hate how MadTV doesn’t have seasons 2 and 3 on DVD

TeryM says:

Yes I love Will Debra Aries Nicole Mo and Michael but Phil, Pat, and
especially Mary often are forgotten.

Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More says:

Best skit ever

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