Lottery 6/49 – The Pot is Growing

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Close | Winning numbers out in $30M Lotto 6/49 draw

… but no winner! So, this Wednesday’s Lotto 6/49 draw should be over $40,000,000 top prize.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. surveyed winners of $1 million or more in early 2004 and found that about three-quarters of them did share the loot with family and friends.

Here’s some other things they learned:

* 89 per cent put the money in the bank
* 35 per cent took a vacation
* 35 per cent bought a new car
* 30 per cent gave to charity
* Seven per cent bought a boat

Is is me? Isn’t everything on this list 100% obvious? And, how many $1,000,000 winners or more in 2004 in Ontario were they exactly? I think it’s time to share the winning prize with Western Canadians, like myself. I have been known in the past to participate in this hopeful thinking and have even subscribed to lottery subscriptions. One year, for christmas presents, I gave all my relatives each a year’s subscription of their favorite lottery number .. hoping that just in case they would win .. they wouldn’t forget me 🙂 There were often time that I would give my own family members enough quick pick lottery tickets inside a birthday card, rather than put money inside the card or go out shopping for the “person who has everything anyway”.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Well, if I won anything under $5,000,000 I think I would continue to work in the same capacity that I am working now, but would make myself and my immediate family happy by buying a lot of “things” .. and have hell of a grand party, probably bringing everybody I know to Hawaii or California or some place nice and warm and fun.

Other than that .. well, let’s first WIN the lottery before I start to spend the winnings! To help me, I have a ‘Lottery Picker’ applet on my other blog, in the footer .. at

Here’s some help to pick the winning numbers (Internet Explorer readers .. I don’t think it works in other browsers)


If you have a really fast computer, sometimes it will keep randomizing – Click on the title of this article to go to a new page and repeat. If it continues, hit REFRESH .. If it continues after that – Pick the dang numbers out of a hat!

PS: Here is where you can usually find the results online usually within an hour after each draw here:

lottery results here

I’ll be buying tickets until the jackpot is won. It’s part of my “Business Plan” …. Miraculously Win the Lottery to Supplement My Income


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