Los Bank Auditors- I’m on an Audit

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This is what happened when our company asked for a video from each department. We take our employer’s requests very seriously. Hire us @ http://yhbcpa.com.


VlPrtn says:


Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ – GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST

Mbabid Constance says:

love it guys

gulkickonmyass says:

CPAs rocx

865thkjfv45 says:

VSCPA “Disclosures” monthly newsletter got me here…senior auditor in DC..great job!! Hilarious, & dead on! Have a great busy season guys ! That fieldwork scene of the Board room killed me LMAO! So real

Annette Wagers says:

HAHAHA He’s DJing from a garbage bin! That’s AWESOME.

hbk6211 says:

tax guys. 

Dan LeShrew says:

As a former auditor… I approve of this video 🙂

maze1040 says:

As a municipal auditor… THIS IS AWSOME. We are paperless too, but you cannot see the desk.

Bmac8711 says:

Hey where’s lunch you guys?

romsey82 says:

hehe, dudes. your working space looks way to organized. this doesn’t provide a true image of an auditor’s working day/space. add some chaos and it will be fine… ;-)

LightYagame100000 says:

hahhaahahahah Are you realy CPA’s ? hgahaaha

QUITAmirTemir says:

Anything is powsibaaaaaall! Great vid guys.

deutsch89 says:

I feel like this video would be twice as funny if the guys weren’t so awkward . oh yeah, and the sound needs work. good try tho.

chasyprice says:

This is so funny!!!

biggbenn7 says:

Hahhaha this is great!

thelehews says:

who could possible dislike this?

lakecityransom says:

The fade out was a little late, those 2 end guys are gonna walk into the wall lol

ArgentCrusader23 says:

how can this thing have 11,533 views
yet only 18 likes and 1 dislike and 2 comments? O.o

DE1116 says:

omg thats my friends cousin!!!

Link761 says:


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