Looking for a list of Accounting Blogs? Me too.

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I have been surfing the ‘www’ looking for lists of “Accounting Blogs” in general, and here in Canada .. and for some reason I thought I would come across some list out there, anywhere … where my name or this blog would be on it. – Oh well .. I guess that’s that .. I need to work on my image online.

I mean, I know this blog has got everything but the kitchen sink … // (Okay .. I’ve got a bathroom sink .. does that count?) // but I’ve always considered this to be “the business blog” of my HART-Empire Network .. i.e. my “Home Office Blog” … i.e. my “SOHO Blog” .. and dare I say it even … the “Accounting and Bookkeeping Blog”!

Perhaps I should post more accounting and bookkeeping tips, eh? Or, sign up to be included in these accounting and bookkeeping blogs? Hmmm

I can’t tell you how many times I have started a post (and even have draft titles in my WordPress here) .. that I started to write about a particular bookkeeping tip or way I accomplished getting around certain system issues .. but then the client reference might pop up – and I will not blog about my client’s or their businesses, so I delete that draft blog entry.

I am subscribed to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Department of Finance Canada email alerts and have been trying to post interesting or relevant news that I think is interesting or relevant news .. under the “Government and Big Brother” category.

I also have been trying to provide readers with Accounting and Bookkeeping and Other Tips and Suggestions .. and the ocassional Stuff For The Taking .. but I agree .. sometimes it’s all about Being Amused and just having a good time and impulse blogging.

Honestly .. I’m not out here with this blog trying to get new business .. so it doesn’t bother me in any way being on a list or not being on a list .. I just hope I can pass along some tips and suggestions that my experience has learned over the years to others .. And, if possible generate some traffic to earn some passive income from advertising spots and raise enough money to give my wife a really nice vacation one year!

It’s kind of funny .. I was thinking about “lists” and “clubs” today .. after browsing the usual curiousities that I visit on occassion … and I posted the following comment which might be appropriate here too ..

– I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.
– I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it.
– Groucho Marx

– My grandfather always said.. “If you want to be seen – stand up .. if you want to be heard – speak up … and if you want to be appreciated – shut up”
– Gervis – Survivor 1

(so I’ll shut up now)


Chartreuse says:

An Accounting club…tht sounds cool…

Mike Rundle says:

Hart, I hear your frustration — I’m always looking for good rap music blogs and haven’t found many. For accounting blogs, we’ve got one in 9rules that’s pretty good:

Beancounter Blog

If you find any more good ones please let me know!!


HART says:

Hi Mike .. thanks for dropping by.

Actually – I’ve been a subscriber of the Beancounter blog since its induction into 9rules .. I think around November 21, 2005! It’s a great accounting blog and a regular read.

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