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It seems to fall upon myself to try and define three little letters S, O, and B … Being the accountant that I am – I would think that these initials represent the abbreviation for SET-OF-BOOKS .. because, as you know – that’s what accountants do … they work with a set of books and prepare financial statements and file income tax returns from that. But – I thought I would be doubly sure and search for more S.O.B. references


S.O.B. – shortness of breath: a dyspneic condition

S.O.B. – in common parlance, a euphemism for “son of a bitch”, a general term of abuse

S.O.B. – a 1981 film written and directed by Blake Edwards starring Richard Mulligan and Julie Andrews. Robert Vaughn, Robert Preston, Larry Hagman, Shelley Winters, Loretta Swit, Robert Loggia and William Holden (in his last role) also appear.

S.O.B. – a humourous abbreviation for the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway on Long Island

S.O.B. – an abbreviation for the Super Oralloy Bomb, the largest pure fission bomb ever detonated, which had a yield of 500 kilotons.

S.O.B. – HART used to type this way in MSN Messenger or ICQ when he just heard som sad news, (or to annoy people like this … H.I.m.y.s.p.a.c.e.b.a.r.i.s.n.t.w.o.r.k.i.n.g….s.o.b.

S.OB. – an abbreviation for “Seventeen or Bust” which is a distributed computing project to solve the Sierpinski problem.

S.O.B. – Small-Of-Back is a type of holster/carry method where the weapon is positioned horizontally at the middle of the back of the carrier’s waistband with the grip either pointing straight up or straight down.

S.O.B. – a cappella singing group from Yale University that is named the Society of Orpheus & Bacchus.

S.O.B. – some blogger who is apparently Sick Of Bush ..

S.O.B. – According the acronym finder pages … S.O.B. also could stand for …

SOB School Of Business
SOB South Bend, IN (Amtrak)
SOB South of the Border
SOB South Bend, Indiana (Amtrak code)
SOB Senate Office Building
SOB State Office Building
SOB Set Of Books
SOB Source Of Business
SOB System-On-Board
SOB Statement of Basis
SOB Shrimp On the Barbie
SOB Start Of Business
SOB Side of Bed
SOB Sexually Oriented Business
SOB South Orange Blossom (Florida street name)
SOB Some Other Brand
SOB Silly Old Bear
SOB Start Of Block
SOB Small Of Back (holster)
SOB Souls On Board
SOB Society of Orpheus and Bacchus (Yale University a capella group)
SOB Sailor on Board
SOB Star Onion Brigade (game, Final Fantasy XI)
SoB Saecula Omnimodus Bellum
SOB Son of the Boss
SOB Smelling Of Booze
SOB Silly Old Bugger (British)
SOB Stupid Old Bastard
SOB Son of Bazerk (hip hop)
SOB Sample Of Behavior
SOB Slide Over Baby
SOB Silly Old Bastard (Australian)
SOB State Operations Budget
SOB Special Operations Base
SOB Super Oralloy Bomb
SOB Sweet Old Bob
SOB Space Order of Battle
SOB Statement of Boredom
SOB Sell on Bottoms
SOB Standard Operating Business
SOB Seaford-Oyster Bay Parkway
SOB Satan’s Own Breedwork
SOB Standard Operational Bullstuff (polite form)
SOB Balaton – Sármellék Hungary (Airport Code)


Well … you see … LIZ CALLED ME AN S.O.B. …. and I just wanted to double-check 😀

S.O.B. = Successful and Outstanding Blogger

They take the conversation to their readers, contribute great ideas, challenge us, make us better and make our businesses stronger.. I thank every one of our SOBs for thinking what we say is worth passing on. Good conversation shared can only improve the blogging community.

Of course – “Guilty” – this is my first post in any of my blogs that even remotely refers ME “LIZ” STRAUSS or her “Successful-Blog.com” site … but I have been a fan and reading her blog since day one .. and occassionally contribute to her conversations in the comments. In fact, I think on some occassions, I really do contribute to the conversation of the day … just with my posting on any blog .. I hope that my comments gives others to think about or, show another way to think outside the ‘box’.

Although her blog domain name might suggest it, and although her title clearly says “Successful and Outstanding Bloggers – A Community of Leaders” .. her site isn’t really one of those “how to blog” or a “site about blogging”. Quite frankly, she’s no expert! And that is great. She does, however, have unique insight and a mysterious way of looking at new and different things and even looking at same ole same old things and taking a fresh look. She seems to try to analyze and sometimes gets its right 🙂 .. but what is best about it .. the topics are usually interesting and right or wrong – after the participating comments from other readers .. you end up “X”ing that blog window with something more than you came out of the conversation. Sometimes – you just gotta laugh! Other times .. she will blow your mind away (like HART’s Mind Working In Mysterious Ways too!)

For instance .. my favorite tip received from Liz’s site – was the Yahoo Backlinks Check command …… at Yahoo.com search

linksite:yourdomain.com -site:yourdomain.com

in my case …

linksite:1800HART.com -site:1800HART.com

There are many reasons to visit her blog and sign up for her RSS feed (if you do not have it already that is) … there’s only one good reason not to … that being – if you don’t like NOT getting the last word! Liz answers all comments personally, and will always be the last one to post! C’mon! I dare ya! Go and see yourself! …. Successful-Blog.com …..


Liz Strauss says:

Thank you for that, ahem, lovely write up. I think you’ve done a great job of perfectly describing Successful Blog and what it’s like. We check Google links from Yahoo, share drinks and nachos from the sidebar, and talk about how to keep readers, like you, coming back.

By the way, I don’t ever analyze. I just make things up instead. It’s a whole lot easier and faster. Besides with the way the way my brain is wired . . . no one can tell the difference anyway. 🙂

You are an SOB–Of course, I mean Successful and Outstanding Blogger. I’m the nice one. I would NEVER say that other thing.

Thanks again, HART,
Successful Blog

HART says:

Hi Liz! Thanks for visiting 🙂 I had fun searching for alternate SOB meanings

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