Looking At My Stats – Again!

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I first looked at my stats on October 5, 2005

I then looked at my stats again on November 5, 2005

I figured … It’s December 4, 2005 – so I should probably look at it once more … Three’s the Charm, eh? or, Three strikes and Y’er out?? (don’t worry – I’m not shutting down)!

It would appear that I am making some progress … I will demonstrate by gathering statistics from my http://PetLvr.com/ website … I started May 31, 2005 blogging .. so I will look at the period covering June 1, 2005 to November 30, 2005 .. I have been online since 1995 and

According to Server’s “URCHIN” Statistics

Currently I have two main sites .. http://PetLvr.com and http://HART-Empire.com … Between these two megasites, contain all my websites and pages and blogs. As an example, http://1800HART.com is a domain alias to http://HBSMC.com which is my operating company website. http://HBSMC.com is a domain alias to http://PetLvr.com/hbsmc/ .. it’s like that for all of my sites … PapillonLvr.com HARTandYVONNE.com etc etc etc ..

I have looked at the statistics of my http://Statscounter.com (as seen in the two top linking pages October 5 and November 5 and the statistic percentages seem to be in line although, I had to look at every site individually (I have 19 projects set up currently).

Here are the statistics from June 1, 2005 to November 30, 2005. These figures do not include all of my blog activity from May 31, 2005 to July 8, 2005 before I moved my blogs from BLOGGER (blogspot) sites to my own servers. The figures also include NON-Blog related sites, including my Papillon site and store, and other pages that get a bunch of traffic and sites within sites under various domains and linkings. (In 2006 I plan to develop a comprehensive Site Map that covers all of my sites and domains). I have summarized the URCHIN report and recapped it on Excel.

I like the growth of the Unique Visitor count percentages .. which shows promise, although it is in a declining way .. November 2005 shows a growth of 37% over October figures. Unfortunately, nothing has really changed from the two top links when I looked at my statistics back in October and November. Approximately 78% of unique visitors leave before 30 seconds according to http://Statscounter.com and only 6% of visitors are returning visitors.

I am still not closer in understanding the accuracy of the statistics generated by Statscounter.com and have decided to move to another choice effective January 1, 2006. While I believe my own server statistics are extremely accurate, I am unable to break it down by domain and website so it gets overwhelming at times. I have Google’s Analytics collecting data, and will take a closer look later on in December 2005 before I switch – to see how this compares.

Yes .. But are you making any money HART?

No. I am not. And, I have never been paid commissions from any affiliate program as this date. No google adsense dollars. No Amazon commissions. No Chitika commissions. No commissions from any other linkshare or commission junction affiliations. Nothing.

Good news though – In November 2005 I finally reached greater than $100.00 in Adsense program .. since I started in August 2004. In October 2005 I thought I was lucky and privilege to earn $21.99 in Adsense commissions. In November 2005 I earned $77.45. While this may barely cover my internet DSL fees, it does not cover the cost of maintaining websites, hosting domains, and other incidental expenses – not to mention physical time it takes to keep the online stuff current.

I will still continue in my approach to increase traffic and in 2006 try to convert the traffic into returning readers and visitors. After that, I will concentrate on maximizing return on affiliation programs and other monetized projects. It’s always in the back of my mind, but certainly I do not hope or expect to make a fortune on the internet this way.

But honestly, it would be nice to make a prediction that in December 2006 my wife and I went on a great vacation – funded and thanks to my online presence and efforts over 2006.

Listen .. I know my stats and figures aren’t that great .. but I try. I hope to do better. I plan to do better. I will do better.

Take care.


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