Life Without the Internal Revenue Service

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By Jerry Askin We’re digging into the reality of how the federal government would operate if the Internal Revenue Service were abolished. Top officials from the I.R.S. are in the hot seat after recent scandals. UTC Accounting Professor Joanie Sompayrac says, You probably file your taxes right now because you’re afraid the IRS will come knocking if you don’t. If the IRS were gone, who would enforce the law?Professor Sompayrac says Congress may soon have to answer that question. It really concerns me that it if we don’t have any IRS, we don’t have any means of collecting taxes, interpreting tax code, and heaven forbid if we leave it to the politicians, then we’re in a real pickle, says Sompayrac.But, she doesn’t believe Congress is equipped to take over the role of the Internal Revenue Service.I don’t know how thrilled people would be thinking that Congress is now going to be charged with interpreting tax law, and enforcing tax law because they don’t really do a good job I don’t think right now handling anything, says Sompayrac.She says leaving it up to Congress is equivalent to jumping out of a frying pan and right into the fire. As far as who she has in mind for taking over…I’m not really clear on that, and I’m not sure anyone is, but it would be interesting to talk to our Congressman and see if he knows who it would be, says Sompayrac.We took the issue to Congressman Chuck Fleischmann who says he wants the I.R.S. gone. If we had a simpler tax system, the need for an institution like the I.R.S. would literally go away, and people could pay their taxes, and send them in, and basically not have to comply with the dictates of that agency, says Congressman Chuck Fleischmann.As far as enforcing tax codes, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann wasn’t exactly sure who would take over the regulations. He says a more convenient tax system is what we need.


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