Legal Help Desk Episode 94: Estate Planning and Probate Proceedings

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In continuation of our discussion on Succession, Attorney Karen Jimeno and Attorney Rod Nepomuceno will discuss your legal rights on Inheritance via Estate Planning.


Cristy Gray says:

segment was very helpful exceptno info on the rights of a designated power
of attorney while the person is still living.If the power of attorney
chosen was a neice and not the compulary heir (son).The son signed over his
home prior to a brain surgery and has since survived and is now married.
Her wishes to leave the home to his wife upon his death Now he cannot
regain the deed to his property back from the POA but still lives in the
home. The poa for the mother refuses to allow the transfer back to heir and
plans to sell the property upon the mothers death.The mother suffers from
the beginning stages of deminsia. What are his legal rights of inheritance
before his mothers death or the rights to the property for the wife upon
his death? 

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