Last year, Exxon made $4.5 million an hour

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Yes .. We All Should Be Pissed Off At News Like This

By Steven Mufson
The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — It was a hard act to follow, but Exxon Mobil managed an encore.

After ringing up the biggest annual profit in U.S. corporate history in 2005, Exxon Mobil on Thursday announced that it topped that number in 2006. Riding the wave of high crude-oil and gasoline prices, and despite depressed fourth-quarter earnings, the company reported a $39.5 billion profit, up more than 9 percent from the previous year.

Its revenue of $377.6 billion exceeded the gross domestic product of all but 25 countries.

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SOURCE: Around The ‘Net

We even feel it here in Winnipeg, Manitoba – although, right now gas is 82.9cent per (CDN) litre .. with the Club Safeway Card or other 3.5cent reduction membership car at the gas station .. it brings the Regular fuel cost to a number in the high 70’s.

Ahh … memories of cheaper Gas prices … Wouldn’t it be lovely to receive a REAL cash rebate for 1 year’s useage or something like that.

Remember! Always ask for a receipt! Even with the Oil, wipers, and other incidental costs! If you are self employed, you can deduct a portion of your automobile expenses prorated for business use. You should maintain a log documenting your usage. More, at another time~


That’s only a 10.5% margin though…

And .. while we’re at it .. their Financials looks like they pay their fair share of income taxes, despite that … at 41.4% (that’s $27.9 billion in taxes paid)

I had fun going over these Financial Statements from MSN Money Central .. and here’s their CHART

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